Types of Gravity Bongs and their Uses

A gravity bong is used to enjoy substances like cannabis. It is typically made of two containers and uses air pressure to draw in the smoke.

Different types of gravity or gravity bongs available nowadays have two containers – one is filled with water, and the other is smaller and has an attached bowl to fit into the larger container.

When the bowl is lit, you need to move the smaller container, which causes air pressure to fill the small container with smoke. It would be best if you then inhaled the smoke.

Types of Gravity Bong

Grav bongs are built with glass, plastic, ceramic, bamboo, and metals. The designs may vary, as well as it’s functioning.

Here are the different designs available for use.


All bongs have a hole in the middle or on the side. When you don’t see any holes, it is called a carburetor. Carburetors are a little more intense because of a slight difference in their functioning.

The hole makes this variant more intense and better. As you release your finger, the hole lets the fresh air in and creates more heat. The air allows the smoke to get into your mouth and lungs more rapidly, making it easier to inhale the smoke from the device.


It is the simplest form of the bong. It has a standard tube with a stem on one side and a bowl on the other. The process is also simple. Smoking is not difficult with this instrument. Once you pour the water into the tube, put the content in a bowl, and it is ready to smoke.


It is the same as the straight tube, with just a tiny difference. It has a button in a cone shape that looks like a beaker. Beaker bongs are more of stable kind and have a more extensive base for stability. However, the smoking process is the same. You can add water and cannabis and light it up. And it is ready.


As the name suggests, these have a round base like a bowl. The base is broader, making the smoking device relatively stable. Since the surface is flat, it looks better than a beaker or a straight-shaped one. No matter the shape of the device, the usage and mechanism are the same.


As the name suggests, these have two chambers on both sides. It is called the “recycler” because it has a straight tube separated by two chambers, and a third one connects both chambers.

Both chambers have water, so more smoke is created and filtered twice. As a result, it produces smoother, cooler, and better smoke than straight or beaker ones. However, this type of grav bong is more complex and expensive than others due to its shape. Moreover, the cleaning aspect is tricky. Consequently, the multi-chamber type is not used regularly.

Bongs are for enjoying and consuming cannabis. Try different types and designs, and find the right fit for you.

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