10 Essential Moving House Tips for a Stress-Free Experience

Relocating to a new home may be both an exciting and stressful time. It’s normal to feel stressed out while moving because of all the work involved in finding a new place to live, packing up your current one, and arranging the technicalities of the move. 

It’s been reported that 62% of Brits rated shifting houses as the most distressing thing they’ve ever experienced. However, things need not be this way when relocating in 2023. 

It’s possible to have a stress-free relocation with just a little bit of planning and preparation. If you want things to go as smoothly as possible during your next home relocation, consider the following ten moving house tips

1. It’s best to get an early start.

Get an early start on packing and other moving preparations. You’ll have plenty of time to organise your things, pack up your house, and make any other preparations you need to do before the big day.

Almost half of those polled in a study conducted by Compare My Move reported feeling pressured and lacking in time to get their move in order. Additionally, 25% of respondents to the same poll reported experiencing delays on the day of the move, which may be prevented by beginning the moving process earlier.  

2. Declutter.

Clean up your house thoroughly before you pack it up. Remove the clutter from your home by going room by room and getting rid of the things you no longer use or desire. This will facilitate the relocation process and provide a clean slate upon which to build your new life. 

3. Make a realistic budget.

The average cost of a UK home move is £8,885, according to research by Barclays Mortgages. So, it’s important to save aside money and make a plan ahead of time to make the process easier on your wallet.

4. It’s important to give your storage bins descriptive names.

If you’re moving things from one room to another, make sure to clearly label the boxes with their contents and the destination. This will facilitate unpacking and help you put things in their proper places in your new house.

To avoid breaking glassware and gadgets, special care must be used while packing them. Put them in boxes marked “fragile” and cover them with bubble wrap or any other protective measures. 

5. Separately pack the necessities.

Separately pack any items you will need on moving day, including clothing, toiletries, and papers, and set them aside. In this way, you may avoid rummaging through storage units to get what you need.

6. Seek out a reliable moving company and engage them.

If you’re going to use a moving company, choose one you can trust. Seek out feedback, solicit suggestions, and compare prices to find the most cost-effective option. Reallymoving reported that 58% of respondents utilised a removal firm to assist them move, with most having a pleasant experience and reduced levels of stress.

7. Perform an inventory check.

As you pack and transport your items, it might be helpful to keep a running tally on a master list. This will make it easier to maintain tabs on things and make sure nothing gets forgotten. 

8. Get your new place in order.

There are a number of reasons why specialists in the moving and real estate sectors stress the importance of getting your new home ready before you move in. 

Make sure it’s spotless, fixes are made, and utilities are connected. Doing so may assist make sure your new house is up to code and ready for you to move in without any unpleasant or costly surprises. 

9. Inform the relevant people.

Gather contact information for essentials like your energy providers, banks, and post office and compile a list of people to inform that you will be moving. Verify that they are all aware of your new address. 

10. Don’t forget to take breaks.

To avoid burning out, it’s important to take frequent breaks and focus on self-care when packing and moving. Be sure you get enough sleep, drink a lot of water, and eat well. Taking frequent pauses throughout a relocation is a must for everyone’s safety, sanity, and ability to get the job done. 

Allowing yourself time to relax and recharge, whether that means taking a brief break every hour or a longer breather twice or thrice a day, may make a huge difference in how smoothly the move goes.


While relocating your household might seem daunting and stressful. But, it can also go off without a hitch if you put in the time and effort to prepare and arrange everything beforehand. 

If you follow these ten recommendations, you should be able to settle into your new residence with little hassle, minimal expense, and minimal wasted time.

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