25 Sculptures in Europe

Sculptures, especially those you come across accidentally in a public place, can be a delightful surprise when wandering around a new city or town. On Europe a la Carte Pinterest page, Karen’s been curating a great collection of images of sculptures in Europe, and this post will highlight 25 of these beautiful European sculptures. Share this guide to the most beautiful European sculptures on Instagram with others. Buy Instagram followers and instantly start seeing great results with the mix.


There are many beautiful things to see in Lucerne, and the Dying Lion monument is among them.


The Dying Lion image by Margaret Doherty

Over in Geneva, the Broken Chair sculpture is undoubtedly quite different – and hard to miss since it’s 12 metres tall. Â You can find it opposite the Palace of Nations, and it’s meant to symbolise opposition to land mines and cluster bombs.

Broken Chair by Andrew and Annemarie


This “Badenixe” (bathing beauty) sculpture from the Pinterest board in Hamburg, Germany, is imposing.

This is my favourite sculpture in Germany – this friendly devil in Lübeck, in the country’s north. He was a wine-loving devil who wanted the locals to build a wine bar instead of a church.

The devil in Lübeck by Amanda Kendle


The sculpture of Bishop Grgur in Nin (part of the Zadar region) has a particularly shiny big toe, as Karen discovered on a trip there – it’s supposed to be lucky to rub it!

Karen touching the lucky bishop’s toe in Zadar


This sculpture, near Rubens House in Antwerp, is just a tiny taste of what you could find in this city – they even have the Middelheim Open Air Sculpture Museum nearby. Check out Karen’s tips for what to do in Antwerp.

Sculpture in Antwerp


This list includes some lesser-known sculptures, but a famous one is Rodin’s The Thinker in Paris. You can see more about Rodin’s works in Jeremy’s post on visiting the Musee Rodin.

The Thinker by Jeremy Branham


Looking through the Europe a la Carte Pinterest board, you will see that Scotland is home to some fascinating sculptures. This is the sweetest – Bamse the dog, a wartime hero dog whose sculpture can be found in Montrose, Angus.

Bamse, the dog

Not the real Loch Ness monster, sorry, but we do have an image of a Loch Ness sculpture Karen came across in Fort Augustus in the Scottish Highlands.

Loch Ness monster sculpture

Desperate, Dan and his friends Minnie the Minx and Gnasher are strolling along the streets of Dundee – or at least it looks like it; I guess they’re stuck where they are!


Karen spotted these interesting plant sculptures while visiting Cacela in the Algarve, Portugal. They look like a great alternative to real trees when the conditions aren’t right!

Plant sculptures in Cacela Vehla


The most famous sculpture in Brussels is the Mannekin Pis – the sculpture of a small boy peeing – but I prefer Zinneke Pis – the dog version! We’ve got a lot more tips on what to do in Brussels.

Zinneke Pis


In Park Mdina on Malta, this sculpture is hard to miss.

Sculpture in Mdina, Malta


Malaga Park is a very long park running parallel to Malaga Port, and it’s full of interesting sculptures and artworks. This donkey is part of a kids’ play area in the park.

Donkey in Malaga Park

Head to Cartagena, and you can find this realistic statue of a sculpture – I think this fellow looks like he needs a friend to sit next to him.

Cartagena soldier sculpture


Frogner Park in Oslo is full of art and sculptures – the life work of Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland. This one’s probably one of the most photographed sculptures in the park. Check out our ideas for what to do in Oslo.

Frogner Park by NL-DUX


When you’re arriving or leaving Paphos in Cyprus, you can check out these curious airport sculptures – there are benches nearby, so you can sit and admire them while enjoying the sun.

Near the entrance of Paphos Airport


In Vienna, this Marc Anthony statue is next to the Secession Building, created by Arthur Strasser. Lions certainly seem to be a popular subject for European sculptures.

Sculpture of Marc Anthony, Vienna


When I visited St Ives in southwest England, you mainly took me with the works of Barbara Hepworth arranged in the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden. You can also see the studio where she worked, adjacent to the gardens.

Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden by Amanda Kendle

In the town of Alnwick, you can find the Alnwick Lion – particularly distinguishable by his long, straight tail! Alnwick Castle can be seen in the background.

Lion sculpture in Alnwick


The Esbjerg sculptures in Denmark are already famous, although they were only erected in 1995. It’s called “Men at Sea”, on the beach near the local maritime museum in Esbjerg.

Esbjerg sculptures by JDyhre

There are also numerous sculptures in the King’s Gardens in Copenhagen, including this one.

King’s Gardens sculpture


The gardens of the Summer Palace in St Petersburg are green and gorgeous in summer (somewhat colder in winter, though!), and numerous sculptures are scattered throughout the gardens. The backdrop makes all of them look especially attractive. I’ve written a post with more tips on what to do in St Petersburg.

Summer Palace Garden by Amanda Kendle


Karen came across these cow sculptures hanging from trees in Amsterdam. I’ve never seen bright orange cows before, but the colour is certainly befitting of their nationality. Check out my ideas for things to do in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam cows


Karen had a special tour around Dublin with local Paul Kilduff, author of Ruinair, and managed to uncover several Dublin sculptures, including this one near the Ha’Penny bridge – it’s known to all as “The Hags with the Bags”. Get some more ideas of things to do in Dublin.

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