5 Best Extra-Curricular Online Courses

You might have learned from various online courses related to academic subjects like maths, science, literature, humanities etc. for students; then there are courses for career development too. However, have you ever thought about learning any extracurricular skills? Since education is being done online, students have been gaining various new knowledge related to their subjects. But in this process, they are getting distant from physical activities and extracurricular activities, which they used to do in the regular school setting. This avoidance and ignorance towards extracurricular activities can cause problems for students, it can make them physically inactive which can become the reason for several physical and mental health issues.  

Extracurricular activities provide energy to the body and mind of the learner, it also helps in the development of their personality as individuals, as participating in such activities makes them confident, self-aware and self-reliant. That’s why realizing the importance of extracurricular activities, expert teachers are creating extracurricular online courses and putting them on the platform to sell courses online, for the learners. And learners are also recognising the importance of extracurricular activities; thus enrolling themselves in these courses.

Here we have listed the best and in-demand extracurricular online courses.

Musical Instrument Learning Course: We all love music, whether it is slow melodic rhythms, loud jazz music or classical music; music is something that everyone loves to listen to. Now, how about creating one, don’t be nervous you don’t have to perform in front of people. Learning to play musical instruments is something one should do once in a lifetime, not for others but for themselves. Studies have shown that a person who plays any musical instrument not only stays happy and peaceful but also develops mental strength. Playing any kind of instrument requires deep concentration and consistency which develops the mental cognition power of individuals. There are various online instrumental learning courses online, and their teachers are expert instrumentalists. 

Online Yoga Courses: Every year 21 June is celebrated as International Yoga Day, it shows its importance and benefits for humans. Students can and should learn Yoga, not only it’s a great extracurricular activity but it has several health benefits. The people who do Yoga regularly have greater stamina, concentration and mind-body balance. Young students can learn a lot from online yoga classes, the instructors on these courses are Certified Yoga Instructors, who teach the skill of yoga and provide deep knowledge about its origin and benefits. Once you enrol in this course you can have access to great learning resources which can be utilised for a lifetime.

Online Dancing Course: Do you find yourself grooving whenever the music starts, then these dancing courses are for you. Dancing is a great way to move your body, stay active and express yourself. There are several dancing forms like kathak, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, tap dance and many more. Students can search and choose the course on any of the dancing forms they would like to learn, after enrolling in that course just start dancing and learn new moves, and basics and gain knowledge about the origin and tradition behind that dance form. It’s a great skill to learn.

Clay Moulding Course: We all have played with those colourful clays and made dolls, toys and whatnot, but did you know clay moulding is a professional skill? Yes, that’s right. Students can enrol in the clay moulding online course where they can learn to make jewellery, crockeries, statues etc. from clay. And this clay is not like your colourful kids’ clay, it’s real clay used for making objects. And if you love doing this and learned to design, you can even start your shop of clay jewellery and utensils etc.

Online Abacus Learning: Abacus is a board with beads attached to its small pipes or rods. Abacus is a traditional method used to teach mathematics and calculations to students. Students can enrol themselves in this Abacus course to learn easy and quick tricks to solve complex calculations. The teachers who teach this course are Vedic Abacus Experts, who create and put this course on the online course selling platform. Learners can benefit from such courses and gain knowledge provided by experts.

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