5 comfortable men’s shoe alternatives for the summer

Looking for a comfortable men’s shoe for the summer? This is the ideal moment to check out some models! In many countries, this is one of the most awaited seasons by the population. After all, during this period, we enjoy the beach or the pool and walking along the shore and in parks, among other interesting activities.

However, We must prepare our clothes for these moments because we need comfort and freshness. And with our feet, the care must be the same. Investing in the appropriate footwear makes it possible to ensure that the region’s skin transpires better, avoid bad odors, and even protect against other discomforts, such as blisters and bruises.

The good thing is that several cool alternatives are available in the men’s fashion market – each one suitable for a specific consumer profile. Today you will see what they are, their recommendations, and some tricks to use them without error. Stay tuned for the best options for comfortable men’s shoes for the summer!

1. Comfortable men’s shoes: white sneakers


When we talk about comfortable men’s shoes, the first option that comes to mind is the famous white sneaker. High in the men’s fashion industry, the model has become a fever in recent seasons and, it seems, will continue strong this year.

The piece can be worn in countless ways in the summer, especially because it is a versatile shoe that can go well with various occasions. Daily, it can be coordinated with jeans, t-shirts, chino shorts, and even tailored suits for those who like to put together more aligned productions.

If you have plans to travel, We can also consider this option. In the country or at the seaside, You can wear tennis shoes with printed blouses and casual “underwear” such as a light sweatshirt, cargo shorts, or nylon shorts.

2. Comfortable men’s footwear: leather sandals

Who said that men couldn’t wear sandals? Yes, they can! Besides the “closed” footwear models, this version stands out among consumers, especially those who like to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Nowadays, it is possible to find a good variety of sandals around. This is the case with the anatomical alternatives, the leather ones and the papette ones – which have recently gone through a revival. On the national and international runways, they are increasingly present in combinations with jeans, elongated shirts, or open shirts.

The big advantage is that, besides being comfortable, the sandals are practical and can keep your feet well away from the heat and sweat, frequent companions during the season. Therefore, wear yours on outdoor outings or casual programs, such as a bar or mall trip.

3. Comfortable men’s shoes: dockside

Every man has probably seen or had contact with a dockside at some point in his life. If you have never tried this option, this is a good time to innovate. The model has a white sole made from suede or leather and laces on the front and sides.

At first, it was often worn by sailors – professionals who spent long periods near the sea and in the sun. Thus, the dockside was quickly integrated into the men’s fashion universe, and nowadays, it is seen on the streets in different compositions.

In the summer, you can wear them in countless ways. One is to create a nautical-style look, which brings a blouse with navy blue stripes and white pants or shorts. You can also complement it with accessories. Fine leather bracelets and sunglasses are excellent ways to enhance the look.

4. Comfortable men’s shoes: moccasins

How about getting to know a comfortable men’s shoe that is suitable for summer but carries formal air? This is the good old sapatênis. For many young men, these shoes are synonymous with sophistication and elegance since you can wear them to events that require more formal attire, such as weddings, business meetings, or important gatherings.

Among its main characteristics, we highlight the absence of the classic shoelaces, making them easier to put on. On the other hand, the sole may come both in the shape of rubber squares and in “buds,” specially developed so that men can perform several activities with comfort, ease, and safety, such as driving.

However, to use them, it is necessary to follow some recommendations. One of them is to wear the moccasin without socks, or at most with an “invisible” type sock. This detail helps the shoe to heat the feet much less and, thus, adapt well to hot weather.

So, take note: moccasins look great when coordinated with slim jeans or tailored pants and a dress shirt. It can also be worn with a blazer and tie, depending on the occasion.

5. Comfortable men’s shoes: espadrilles

Espadrilles are a regular feature of summer. Men of all styles widely wear these shoes. The reason for such success? We are talking about light shoes made of natural materials and in light colors, which are not very hot.

Together, these details are excellent for composing a summer look. As with the moccasin, you should wear espadrilles without socks. You can combine them with destroyed shorts, plain t-shirts, or short-sleeved shirts. Try them out!

Did you like the tips for comfortable men’s shoes for the summer? After reading this, do you think you are ready to go out in search of a new model, one that will be able to revamp your look?

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