5 Great Wheelchair-accessible Vans

A wheelchair-accessible van, as stated by Wikipedia, is a vehicle that has been modified to accommodate the presence of a wheelchair within it. Usually, the interior size of the vehicle is modified to become bigger, and a wheelchair ramp or power lift is attached to it.

An integrated-friendly space is an inclusive space. For those who have wheelchairs, here are some great choices for wheelchair-accessible vans!

Honda Odyssey

The VMI Honda Odyssey has a stylish exterior and useable interior space in addition to its more practical features. It has interchangeable front seats, interior lighting, standard rear heating with AC, and a parking sensor and is produced from galvanneal steel. With galvanneal steel, the Honda Odyssey is built to last as the material has a 7-year rust-through corrosion warranty on its 2021 model year vans with new conversions. Its interchangeable seat feature gives more independence and flexibility to the driver regarding the need to take an extra front seat on your journey.

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is a top-of-the-line vehicle built for speed and wheelchair accessibility. It has a slide-out, in-floor ramp, which lets its users get less dirt into its interior. Living becomes easier through the Toyota Sienna’s flexibility, more space, and ease of use. There is more room for turning thanks to its 12″ longer floor. Moreover, entry is easier for wider power chairs on its 30″ ramp.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan was originally slotted between the Voyager and the Chrysler Town & Country. To the public, it was presented as a minivan and cargo van, perfect for long travels and for carrying heavier objects. It is available as a side-entry and rear-entry wheelchair-accessible van for integrated people to meet multiple lifestyles and budget requirements. As a wheelchair-accessible van, it has an automatic, remote-powered ramp that requires no lifting or bending. In addition, it also has a heavy-duty foldout ramp with a 1000-lb load capacity.

Chrysler Pacifica

The wheelchair-accessible Chrysler Pacifica has a cabin interior fully 2″ wider and 7″ longer than any other accessible Pacifica. The ramp of the Chrysler Pacifica possesses a 1,000-lb capacity and different entry options that suit you and your lifestyle best.

Chevrolet Traverse OEM

The Chevrolet Traverse has a lot in store for you. Its long list of features and powerful engine make it perfect for the urban adventurer. It also includes 2 cameras, 360 cameras, and a backup camera, multiple power plugs, an extra storage pocket, a towing hitch, climate-controlled seats with the warming steering wheel, HD 8″ color touchscreen, an extra wide ramp – door opening – floor ramp stable when not in use—not forgetting safety and technology solutions like USB ports throughout the vehicle, so you never charge off the beaten path!

Squirmy and Grubs, aka Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward, enjoy the Chevrolet Traverse in particular! The two are considered the most adorable integrated couple on Youtube. The Chevrolet Traverse OEM integrates stylish sleekness with ergonomics to make it friendly and more accessible for integrated people.

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