5 Handy Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Phone Better

It is no secret: we use our phones many times every day. Back then, people only used their phones to contact friends, family, or colleagues. Now, these mobile devices offer more uses, such as communication, such as playing games, listening to music, streaming, checking social media, and many more. And because of their many functions, many people are glued to their phones. But like other objects, our phones also require constant care and maintenance to stay in their top condition.

If you do not take better care of your phone, you could encounter some problems. Questions like Why Is My Phone So Slow or Why Is My Phone Not Charging are perhaps some of the many queries phone users have when they do not maintain their mobile device’s condition. To help you keep your gadget in peak form and function, here are five handy tips and reminders you can keep in mind.

Avoid overcharging your phone.

Let us start with an instance many phone users often encounter. Forgetting that you just plugged your phone into an outlet to charge is natural. Maybe you had a long work day and left your phone plugged in overnight. Or perhaps your phone has almost run out of juice then you plugged it, only for you not to notice that it has been there for many hours. In any case, avoid overcharging your phone to repel any battery problems.

You could encounter power problems if you overcharge your phone. Temperature-related hassles can also occur when you leave your phone plugged for a long time. Furthermore, overcharging your phone may cause the battery to bloat, and you will need to browse for a new phone battery if it happens. And speaking of charging, it is best not to use your phone when you plug it into an outlet.

Consider deleting any files you do not need.

Hoarding files, photos, and videos are standard when you are a phone user. After all, taking pictures and videos as souvenirs for trips is natural, and storing precious moments and memories is natural. And as for files, some people, such as students, would save important notes or reviewers so they can double-check something immediately. But even if you take many pictures or videos or download many files, it is still beneficial for your phone if you delete those you do not need.

Your phone may slowly function if it has a small memory space. If you want to keep your phone in its peal function, it is ideal if you have enough room. As for your photos, photo dumping is a trend in social media nowadays since online accounts are not likely to have storage and memory functions. You can also put your files in cloud accounts. And lastly, do not forget to delete any apps you do not use!

Do not let it get soaked in water.

Aside from overcharging, many people have had their phones dipped in water. Maybe they listen to tunes during baths and could have also dropped their phone in a pool or by the beach while taking photos and videos. Either way, despite getting your phone soaked as not a rare instance, a quick reminder that getting your phone wet is a bad idea.

Since your phone is an electronic device, it is a no-brainer that it will not go well with water. But no worries! There are methods you can do at home to try saving your phone. Some of them include using an emergency kit, the classic “put your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice,” and letting it air out. If these methods do not work, you could try visiting a professional. But to avoid these problems, avoid getting your phone soaked instead.

Dropping your phone is a scary thing.

Dropping your phone, even on dry surfaces, is just as scary as letting it fall on the water. We have all had our hearts skip a beat when gravity did its magic with our phones. Whether it slipped from your hand or cheek during a phone call or if you accidentally tipped it off a table, there is a feeling of nervousness when your phone hits the ground. And when we picked it up, we would frantically look for cracks and damages.

These cracks and physical damages are the exact problems you may encounter if you drop your phone on a dry and hard surface. If you use a smartphone, you could have a hard time using it if it has a cracked screen since the touchscreen function may not work well. And your screen is not the only concern; your phone could also shatter if it falls from a high enough place.

Beware of sketchy links, websites, and apps.

And lastly, as technology progressed, so did the functions of many phone models. They are not just devices for communication or keeping in touch with other people. Today, many phones work as mini-computers that let you use apps, browse your social media accounts, and visit many websites. And like desktop computers or laptops, your phone is just as vulnerable to malware, viruses, information leaks, and hacks if you visit sketchy links and websites or download unusual apps.

If you think a website or app is troubling, it is best to follow your gut and not visit or download it. Beware of phishing links, such as websites that let you vote, take a poll, or ask you to answer a survey. These links can get your private information and hack your social media accounts.

In a Nutshell,

We use our phones every day, not only to keep in touch with others but also for our unique preferences. Some use their phones to check their social media, while others use them for other things, like browsing memes or looking for stuff online. And it may be a hassle, but phone care is necessary to ensure our phones stay in peak condition. These five are some of the many tips you can keep in mind to take care of your phone better. For more information, visit CellularNews.com.

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