5 Sports Channels You Cannot Watch in USA

If you live in the United States and want to follow your favorite sports teams, there are several channels you can watch. Most of the major pro sports leagues broadcast their regular season games on cable television. Other sports and special events are also broadcast on cable television. During the weekends, there are some over the air networks that take over.

Eleven Sports Network

If you’re looking for a sport channel without any subscription, Eleven Sports Network can be a good option. This US channel airs games from various leagues and has the rights to a large number of international sports events, including the North American Soccer League, the Big Sky Conference, and the Swedish Hockey League. It also carries the AFC Champions League, which is one of the most popular club football competitions in Asia. In addition to football, Eleven Sports Network also broadcasts auto racing, the Sepak Takraw League, and the T.League.

Although Eleven Sports Network isn’t available on cable TV in the USA, you can still watch its content on fuboTV. This streaming service offers more international sports channels than any competitor. The case here is almost same as it is with Kayo Sports. Kayo Sports is restricted outside Australia and you cannot watch it in USA on Cable but you will need a VPN to watch it.

NBC Sports Network

NBC Sports Network was a cable channel that covered major sports events. However, it is now in limbo as it will no longer be broadcast. NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC, is moving its most important content from NBCSN to USA Network. Other network properties, such as Golf Channel and Tennis Channel, will continue to broadcast NBC sports content. In addition, Peacock will carry some of NBCSN content, including simulcasts of live games.

The shutdown comes after NBC Sports Network lost the NHL and had to find alternative sources for its content. It was announced that NBC would stop operating NBCSN midway through 2021, and that most of its sports rights would transfer to USA Network. The remaining rights would be given to Peacock and Olympic Channel. At the time of this transition, the network carried a looping advisory video and would go dark on January 10, 2022.


It may come as a surprise to some, but NBCSN is slated to close its doors in the near future. In January of 2022, the network will lose its NHL rights and will shift the majority of its sports programming to USA Network. NBC’s partnership with the English Premier League will also end in 2022, so NBC will have to find other means of distributing the league’s content. The network will also shift some of its programming to Peacock and the Olympic Channel.

Although NBCSN is no longer available on television, you can still watch some games on regional networks. These channels usually cover local teams and provide college and high school coverage. In addition, many major streaming services now carry NBCUniversal channels.

France 24

France 24 is a French state-owned network that broadcasts in four different languages and is aimed primarily at the overseas market. Its programming is made up of news coverage, news magazines and special reports. It employs 260 journalists of its own and also uses the resources of other broadcasters.

The French government wanted to launch the channel towards the end of 2004. However, the project was delayed due to a number of disagreements. Some ministers in the assembly who voted on the issue were angered by the fact that their recommendations were rejected in favor of those prepared outside of the parliamentary framework. Another group, unionised journalists from France Televisions, denounced the possibility of an alliance with the private sector. Meanwhile, Radio France International was angry that it would not be associated with the project.


NESN is a regional sports network based in Watertown, MA. It broadcasts games from the Boston Red Sox (MLB) and the Boston Bruins (NHL). The network was founded in 1984 and is owned by the Fenway Sports Group, the owners of Fenway Park and TD Garden. NESN is only available in certain areas, however, so it might not be an ideal choice if you’re not living in the region.

If you’re not a resident of New England, there are several other options to watch NESN. Satellite TV services such as FuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM provide the sports network in some areas. The network also has a TV streaming service, NESN 360, which includes NESN.

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