5 ways a poor design can kill your Mobile App

As an app developer, a poorly designed mobile application, can spell disaster for your mobile app idea. Below we list 5 ways a poor design can doom your mobile app:

1. Users get stuck

When users get stuck and fail to have a positive app journey then they will most likely immediately uninstall the app. A large volume of uninstallations can have a significant impact on the future of your mobile app.

2. Download Remains Incomplete

If the user clicks on download on their app store of choice and your mobile app fails to download then there is most probably an error or misconfiguration in the latest build and this would cause an immediate negative perception within the user. This is not good for your app’s longevity.

3. Power of Social Media

Today’s digital landscape is dominated by social media and having a poor design could mean that users would voice their frustration and complaints on social media. This can deal a devastating blow to any chances your mobile app may have of getting a head start.

Users care about good design that rewards their investment in downloading your mobile app and giving it a chance. Poor design means that users will want to share their disappointment across social media and this could also go viral.

4.Never Coming Back

If the poor design of your mobile app results in a sense of dissatisfaction, then it is likely that those users will ever come back or even consider your mobile app in the future. In this context you would have to put yourself in the shoes of the user.

If you just downloaded a new mobile app and the design is buggy and the app user experience is poor, then nine times out of ten you are most likely to abandon the app and uninstall it.

5.False Start 

So you have a big media hype and launch your app and then manage to secure a large number of downloads within just the first week of your campaign. But if you have a poorly designed mobile app, then in the second or third week you would notice an increase in the number of uninstalls. This would definitely have an impact in the popularity and virality of your mobile app.

If you were to develop a mobile app for recruitment and you input a job vacancy in Sydney, then if you have a good design it will only show your vacancy in the Sydney area. If your design is not great, then it will not display the search results accurately. The design of a mobile app is everything. It must provide an interactive and engaging user experience across all devices.

The design of your mobile app, put simply, can make or break your mobile app. If you want your mobile app developed with a great design then Australia’s leading mobile app developer Elegant Media can get the job done.

As a mobile app owner, you should always think in terms of providing a smooth and seamless app user journey to those who download your mobile app.

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