6 Ways Teddy Bears Help Us Fight Mental Health Conditions

Teddy bears have been a timeless and elegant choice for over a hundred years. Most people think it is an ideal gift for babies and young children, especially large ones like a 36-inch teddy bear. But what most people are not aware of is that teddy bears are not only a loving gift but have real mental health benefits for both adults and children. Many studies show that teddy bears or soft toys have great psychological benefits for adult owners. So the main question arises: How do these cute teddy bears help us fight mental health conditions like anxiety and depression? To help you with that, we have collected different ways teddy bears help us fight various mental health conditions. Let’s further discuss this topic in detail. 

Here’s How Teddy Bears Help Our Mental Health:

Help With Attachment Issues

Teddy bears are our first attachment ever since childhood, so we can expect they can help us fight attachment issues too. Studies have shown that patients who stay with live animals learn to form healthy and trustworthy relationships and attachments. On the other hand, a research study has also shown that a similar effect is obtained with teddy bears or other stuffed toys. This is the reason these stuffed animal toys are being used to treat and assist patients with the effects of PTSD and other mental health conditions. 

Helps In Healing From Trauma

You might have seen people giving get a well bear or soft toys when someone is facing some difficulty in health or any life situation. This is because stuffed toys like teddy bear help us heal from trauma and lets the affected person fight his dark times and rise back. According to many psychologists, stuffed toys aid therapy for children and adults by giving them a way to experience and express emotions. Teddy bears are a loving element that gives both children and adults a feeling of unconditional love, support, and grounding. All these feelings are crucial for coming out or healing from a traumatic situation. 

Promote Positive Thinking

We know teddy bears have been our first friends ever since childhood. One of the main reasons they remind us of our loving childhood memories, comfort from parents, and childhood days. In short, they help us remember the happy moments of our lives when everything was simple and happy. These things do wonders for the mental health of adults. Because as we grow older, we develop self-doubt and create a negative outlook on life. So having a couple of cute teddy bears by your side will always promote positive thinking. The best part? Their big smiles will surely bring a joyful feeling to you. 

Helpful In Easing Out Loneliness

Loneliness is a major health condition that, if ignored, takes the person into serious depression. So, to fight it during the early stages, teddy bears can greatly help. Many patients suffering from dementia and loneliness have shown great improvement when they are around stuffed toys or animals. That’s because teddy bears have always been helping us by giving us a human-like presence. They let us enjoy a friendly face, soft and comforting material, act as conversation listeners, and so much more. All these things help reduce feelings of loneliness and provide reassurance in the best ways.

Assist In Reducing Anxiety

It is well-known that teddy bears help us fight anxiety in the simplest ways. Like humans, our body releases happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine whenever we cuddle a teddy bear or a stuffed animal. These happy hormones help slow down our heart rate to provide steady breathing. Steady breathing relaxes our bodies and makes us feel relaxed and less anxious. Honestly, this can benefit everyone, even those who are not suffering from anxiety issues. So, if you are an anxious personality, you know teddies are here for your rescue. 

Promote Emotional Wellbeing

So many people out there face new and scary situations every day. And those things surely bring the feeling of fear and scary emotions to mind. That’s where our cuddly friend teddy bears help us learn and cope with such situations. Teddy bears bring a sense of comfort in uncomfortable and unfamiliar environments. Moreover, they also build a feeling of security and convenience that greatly supports fighting in tough emotional situations. This is likely why you may have seen 36-inch teddy bears being sold in hospital gift shops. 


We can say teddy bears are helpful in our lives in many ways, especially regarding emotional and mental health. So, there’s no harm in investing in such a cute element that can help major mental health concerns. Time to woo away all the stress and lonely feelings with hugs and cuddles!

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