9 Magnificent Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For Women

Butterflies are the beautiful creation of gods. A butterfly symbolizes the transformation to feminity and beauty as well. Why not get these creatures inked as tattoo designs? Butterfly tattoos are becoming insanely popular among women because they are unique tattoos.

You can use either ink on many butterflies or a single butterfly wing on your body. Whatever your choice is, these tattoos will give you a breathtaking look, conveying many messages through a single design.

If you are thinking of making a fashion statement with your tattoo or getting inked with a gorgeous butterfly tattoo for no one but yourself, then check out these amazing designs we have curated for this purpose, and shortlist your best butterfly tattoo.

Monarch Butterfly


The Monarch Butterfly, as its name suggests, is the epitome of royalty and beauty. This design is elegant and will never get old. You can choose a traditional method of a monarch butterfly with golden wings or go for a beautiful blend of a branch and a bouquet on the other side. This design requires a great amount of detailing, so it will be wise to go to an experienced tattoo artist.

Blue Butterfly


A blue butterfly is not only pleasant to watch, but it is also a sign of joy and luck. This design is stylish and will last for a very long time. The blue pigment will stay on your body more than any other shade so that you can flaunt this tattoo design for your lifetime. A single insect or a plethora of it will be an exceptional choice for this design.

Simple Butterfly


A simple tattoo is dainty and sober but still leaves a good impact. It represents freedom and beauty and gives you a magical look. The open wings are a token of liberty, and the black ink accentuates them even more. You can choose a large or small design for you according to your choice.

Butterfly and Rose Tattoo


The butterfly with the rose forms a beautiful blend signifying passion, love, and transformation. This design is gorgeous, timeless, and appears very feminine and stylish. In Greek, a butterfly has another term, psyche, the name of the goddess of love. You will carry adorableness and charm with you with this beautiful piece of art.

Rose and butterfly tattoos make a great design for chest tattoos for girls too.

Butterfly Skull Tattoo


The skull is not always for danger signs boards. It also can give positive vibes when paired with a butterfly tattoo. The combination of the head and butterfly signifies mortality and the life cycle. If you are spiritual, believe in manifestation, and have an intense bond with nature, consider getting this tattoo design. Your thigh, arm, and even ribcage are the best places to ink this tattoo, as it requires a lot of space. Add some roses to make it look more captivating.

Small Butterfly Tattoo Behind The Ear


The small butterfly tattoo behind the ear is edgy and straightforward. This tattoo design looks delicate since its placement is behind the ear, which is a sensitive place. The best part about this placement is that you can easily hide and show it as you wish. The link does not sustain for too long behind the ear, so choose a simple tattoo for this place.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo:


Do you like colorfulness in everything? You can go colorful for this tattoo as well. This butterfly tattoo is breathtakingly beautiful and creative. It also has a few cute cartoon characters in between the entire design representing your childish side. The watercolor butterfly tattoo has vibrant colors, making it pleasant to watch.

Butterfly Back Tattoo


Such back tattoos for women have been ruling the tattoo art. No wonder they look gorgeous, and inking a butterfly tattoo on your back is a good idea. You can get a small tattoo from the nape of your neck down the spine. The extra symbols make this design even more attractive. You can ink red roses that represent passion or white flowers that are the symbol of purity. Your back is among the least painful areas of your body; therefore, getting a tattoo here is perfect for beginners.

Unique Butterfly Neck Tattoo


The butterfly tattoo on the neck is perfect and beautiful. The bold outlining with black ink and the shading make this tattoo attractive and cool. You can go for a variety of colors for a more vibrant look. Look how this simple design looks so mesmerizing with its black shading.

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