A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Gaming Laptop

It may well be the case that, as an avid and passionate gamer, you are more than familiar with the different platforms available to play your favorite video games.

Conversely, you may only think that the best gaming experience can be garnered by investing in a video games console such as a PlayStation 5 or Xbox X.

The truth is that different technologies produce different kinds of experiences for the gamer, but you would be hard pushed to find a gaming platform as impressive as a gaming PC or laptop.

First Focus on the OS

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a new gaming laptop is the OS, or operating system, which is essentially the nucleus.

The most common and indeed popular OS when it comes to gaming PCs and laptops is Microsoft Windows, due to the regular and increasingly impressive system and software updates as well as almost limitless compatibility for gaming back catalogs. Other prominent operating systems include Apple Mac’s IOS, which has reportedly become a lot more accessible for gamers in recent years.

Ensure the Keyboard Is Practical

Another exceedingly important component of a gaming laptop is the functionality and also aesthetic impression of the attached keyboard.

Whether you are after an entry-level gaming laptop with an appropriate style of keyboard, or something more complex, such as Ryzen 5 Gaming Lenovo Laptops, aside from chiclet-style keys and backlit borders by LED lighting, there is also a number of other factors to consider:

  • Programmable macro keys
  • RGB backlighting
  • N-key rollover
  • Anti-ghosting option
  • 2mm key travel
  • 70 grams of key actuation

SSDs Mean Faster Gaming

If you are unfamiliar with the terms ‘SSD’ and ‘HDD’, then you should know that the former stands for ‘solid state drive’, with the latter meaning a ‘hard disk drive’.

It is entirely possible to have a good gaming experience on an HDD laptop, not to mention their affordability is appealing. However, if you are intending on gaming for a long time and want to invest in a quality machine, an SSD is really the only way to go.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Unfortunately, for all the reputable and well-known suppliers and indeed manufacturers of gaming laptops, there are always going to be less ethical companies and individuals who will promise the earth but fail to deliver.

Although it is sadly impossible to provide a comprehensive list of all the pitfalls other excited gamers have fallen foul to, there are several common mistakes that must be avoided in your own gaming laptop search.

Never rely on your laptop’s built-in speakers for gaming sound and effects, as it may well appear as if the speakers are of a top-quality, but in reality, there are software add-ons that mask the true capability. Instead, always invest in external speakers specially designed for gaming, or get a personal headset.

Additionally, avoid being tempted by cheaper, refurbished laptops and never expect to play games with the built-in keyboard; you should purchase a gaming mouse or even an Xbox controller instead.

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