A Short Brief to Roashan Apna Ghar Housing Scheme


Roshan Apna Ghar offers overseas Pakistanis the opportunity to open a Meezan Roshan Digital Account (RDA), which enables them to invest in any residential or commercial real estate project in Pakistan on a living basis. The following are some noteworthy aspects of the arrangement:

  • All investments are through Meezan Roshan’s digital PKR account. To fully repatriate the profits/disinvestments in the future, all payments (token money, down payment/advance, full or partial payments, tranches, etc.) will be through RDA-PKR.
  • Clients may be capitalized in their name or jointly with entitled family members (limited to lineal influential and successor only, including parents, siblings, spouses, and children).
  • The seller is the only one who offers the direct payment option.
  • Complete return of profits.

First time in history, the State Bank of Pakistan has launched Roshan Apna Ghar. A unique product that allows abroad Pakistanis and holders of Pakistani Origin Cards (POC) to buy a home, create a new one, or upgrade an existing one using digital and remote means. The financing is available for the next 20 years at desirable rates in traditional and Shariah-compliant forms. Moreover, thanks to the end-to-end digital process and primary mechanism, it is an easy and quick way for Overseas Pakistanis to purchase housing investments or invest in Pakistan’s real estate market.

 Purchase a Home Anywhere

The appeals for home financing or investments from Pakistanis living abroad are interested in participating in pre-approved businesses much more quickly. RDA-facilitated investments made in Pakistan are fully remittable and are subject to total and concluding taxation.

 Purchase with Bank Financing

 When accessing the Roshan Apna Ghar page of banks that contribute to the RDA, overseas Pakistanis can firmly purchase a property using their Roshan Digital Account and their funds. Foreign investors only need to choose the property, Prime Valley, deposit the duplicates of their title credentials, and suggest someone in Pakistan complete the sale or acquisition and transfer procedures and have the property transferred into their name. The bank will pay the seller or recipient after evaluating the property and obtaining the necessary seller testimony.

 Regular Financing Based on Liens

Pakistanis living abroad can obtain a mortgage on the value of their RDA deposit accounts or Naya Pakistan Certificates. For the purchasing or constructing of a house, banks can provide financing for up to 99 percent of the property’s value; for the reconstruction of a home, funding is up to 40 percent of the property’s value. No reasonable or listed mortgage of property is necessary against lien-based financing capacity. The debtor will electronically sign all financing documents; physical presence is not required even to fulfill a sale or transfer. However, the debtor will suggest that anyone in Pakistan finish the sale or acquisition processes and arrange for the property to transfer to the debtor’s name.

Financing Not Based on Liens

 Typical housing investment is here in exchange for a mortgage on the property. Banks provide up to 85% of the property’s value for the purchase or construction and up to 30% for renovations. While the mortgagor will digitally sign the funding documents, obtaining the property’s title documents from the Registrar. And establishing the bank’s custody on the property (i.e., New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plan) requires the mortgagor’s physical presence or a power of attorney in favor of any person in Pakistan. The banks will provide the debtors with a soft copy of the Special Power of Attorney (SPA), so they can authorize it, download it, print it, get Pakistan Mission in the debtor’s country of residency to certify it, and send it to an attorney. Foreign offices and Pakistani missions have made specific preparations for prioritizing the confirmation of SPAs for RDA holders.

 Scheme for Government Mark-up Subsidies (GMSS)

 As per the previously well-defined norms under certain tiers for housing projects like DHA Multan, the house financing option under GMSS is also provided for RDA holders under the Roshan Apna Ghar product. Therefore, the funding rates relevant to the government’s mark-up subsidy plan will be useable in this situation.


Roshan Instead of a physical system, Pakistan is entirely digital. In the case of non-lien-based funding, the client can carry out the mortgage action in favor of the ban. Either through a superior influence of counselors or being present themselves, physical presence is not required for certification to purchase a house through own initiative or bank funding. You can speak with a Waleed Amjad Real Estate Specialist for further details about digital payments.

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