A step-by-step guide to buying jewellery as a gift

It is widely known that gifting is more about the gesture than the gift itself. However, when you want to mark a milestone in your relationship, nothing works better than jewellery. Everyone loves a little sparkle in a jewellery box. However, when you set out to buy jewellery for someone, it can take time to make a choice, and you end up second-guessing your decisions. Here is a complete guide in steps that you can follow to buy a gift for someone confidently. 

Steps to buying jewellery to gift

Step 1 – What are you looking to give?

Start by asking yourself what you wish to gift the person. If you are looking for trendy gold stud earrings, look at available designs and sizes. If you are looking for gold earrings with stones, you can think of which stones you are looking for, starting with diamonds. Think of the precious metal and precious stones you wish to buy and start from there. 

Step 2 – Set the budget before you start shopping.

Once you have decided what you are buying, decide on a budget. It ensures you don’t overspend and helps you narrow down your options. The cost of jewellery is generally according to the weight of the gold in the item and the carat of stones. 

Step 3 – What does the person like?

When buying something this expensive, you must make sure the person you give it to uses it and likes the kind of gift you have picked. For example, a person who goes to an office daily can be given studs. You can check out daily wear stud earrings in Melorra for options and see the variety you will get in any range you have fixed. Apart from this, consider the following points about the person’s taste in jewellery before buying the gift – size of the jewellery piece, preference for precious metals, preference for jewellery in the combination of stones and metals, favourite colour and stone, choice of motifs, selection of the type of jewellery (earrings, bracelets, bangles, nose pins, etc.).

Step 4 – Preferred style of jewellery

Regarding style, everyone has their unique way of dressing up and expressing themselves. Identify the critical kind of person you are gifting the jewellery to. If they like traditional jewellery, you can look at that particular style. If they want delicate and simple yet modern jewellery, you also have great options in that range. It also includes if the person enjoys something chunkier and more noticeable or likes a subtle glint on their wrist or ears. These things make the gift more personal and intimate. 

Step 5 – Daily routine and usage of the jewellery

One of the things that can affect the kind of jewellery you can buy is the frequency of the jewellery being used and the work routine. If a person works from home, then the person likes to dress up when going out. In such cases, you can go for a cocktail ring or chandelier earrings. If the person is in a formal environment daily, you can also think of gifting something appropriate for office use. 

Step 6 – Ask the closest person.

When you have finally decided and want to confirm how right you got it, you can always ask the person closest to the person you are gifting. 

After the final approval, the only thing left is for you to present the gift excellently! 

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