Alternatives To Hydration Aside from Plain Water

The body needs a specific amount of fluid concentration at different hours. Often, this is dependent on activity levels and atmospheric conditions. If you hate drinking plain water, hydrating can be a huge challenge unless you devise other means.

Don’t forget that plain water is a liquid that is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and contains the right measure of mineral elements. It often undergoes various techniques of purification that include chlorination, reverse osmosis, aeration, disinfection, etc.

So, bringing alternatives to regular water requires proper knowledge to maintain adequate nutrients. Different options exist to achieve this, from water-rich fruits to foods and drinks. In this article, we’ll give you some of these.


Summertime fruits like the following are crucial hydration aids.


From its name, it’s evident that the fruit contains higher water content, up to 92 percent precisely. While one might think that’s the sole reason it’s a perfect match for hydration, its salt and mineral contents are also noteworthy. Moreover, it’s an excellent source of Vitamins C and A.

Lemon and Lime

This citrus duo is a flavorful option for water consumption. By adding slices of lemon and lime to your water, you’re good to go for a pleasant summer ride. Ensure you place the mixture in the refrigerator for 12 hours to allow the water to absorb the flavor.


Another selection on the list of succulent fruits is strawberries. They’re naturally delicious and work well for hydration. Apart from this, they contain fibers and vitamin C that provide a refreshing taste at each sip.


Vegetables are water packed and make matching pairs with fruits for water consumption. If you’d like to have your body hydrated, eat the following veggies.


Regardless of the number of chunks you cut them in, each piece keeps cool and water-filled. They are high in vitamins K, B6, and iron. Another good side note is their zero composition of cholesterol and saturated fat.


Celery stalks have over 90 percent water, minerals, fibers, and vitamin K. Unfortunately, this veggie is often overlooked and less preferred to other catchy seasoned dishes. While they’re not super packed with nutrients, they contain fewer calories.


Eating lettuce-containing salads is a nutritious and wholesome rehydration choice. Iceberg lettuce, especially, can comprise close to 95 percent water. Others in this category include spinach, cauliflower, and bell peppers.


Generally, non-alcoholic beverages help to attain a considerable fluid intake requirement. But here are exceptional drink selections for additional benefits.


If you’d prefer to gulp down your fruits and veggies, smoothies are tasty ways to combine multiple flavors.


Caffeinated drinks like coffee are other rehydrating variants. While they might pose subtle diuretic effects, they don’t cause fluid loss. Moreover, they help boost memory and athletic performance while preventing some ailments.

Fat-free Milk

According to research, milk mixture is better for rehydration during workouts than other energy and sports drinks. They also contain varying compositions of vitamins and minerals significant to development.

From the given options, we hope you have selected a hydration favorite that suits your taste and nutrient needs. Also, you can consult your dieticians for unique recommendations.

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