Are Golf Shoes Actually Important?

All new golfers ponder whether they should get golf shoes. Will changing their shoes actually improve their game? Is buying golf shoes a good investment?

According to the experts, golf shoes can make a great difference to your game. “Professional golfers refer to their shoes as ‘equipment’,’” says Patrick Trubiano, Senior Product Line Manager for FootJoy Footwear, “Golf is no different from any other sport. There are features of the golf shoe that work with the game of the golfer, their swings, and their foot movement. “

In golf, percentages are everything! A reduction of one or two putts every round. Hitting more fairways. Getting up and down more frequently. Investing in the best golf shoes can definitely help.

The Pros of Golf Shoes

FootJoy Footwear

Athletic footwear is created by manufacturers to meet the needs of athletes in various sports. When someone wears shoes that are not made for the sport, they increase their risk of getting injured. 

Golf shoes have wide-track rubber bottoms with sharp edges to minimise slippage on the grass and boost their durability. Golf shoes are made of a sturdy yet lightweight material. Golf shoes offer sturdy, robust arch support, which is something that other types of footwear do not.

The shoes have additional padding needed for shock absorption and midfoot support. Golfers conclude their stroke on the balls of their feet, so this midfoot support is crucial when driving the ball. Golf shoes are made of flexible leather that is comfortable to walk on a lengthy golf course.

Most golf shoes are made of breathable materials. Golf shoes with Gore-Tex lining wick away moisture, keeping feet from sweating and allowing them to breathe.

Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes


Golfers who are just starting out often struggle to choose between spiked and spikeless shoes. Previously, there were significant variations between the two, but today, many shoe makers produce both spiked and spikeless versions of their most well-liked models, making them quite identical. The two types of golf shoes are contrasted here to help you make your decision.

The outsole of spiked golf shoes typically consists of soft plastic cleats. Golf shoes without spikes have a flat outsole with rubber studs or dimples in their place.

The increased grip of spiked golf shoes while players walk is one of their advantages. Golfers can stay active and make rapid spins when they hit the ball, thanks to the new technology used to make the spikes. Golfers can maintain traction on a range of golf course surfaces thanks to the detachable twist spikes on the outsole of the shoes.

Spikeless golf shoes benefit the ground more than the golfer. Golf shoes without spikes cause less harm to the course than spiked shoes do. However, they are just as reliable, comfortable, and supportive as conventional spiked shoes. They are made to increase flexibility and distribute body weight equally.

Spikeless golf shoes typically cost less. Additionally, spikeless shoes are required on the majority of golf courses.

Best Golf Shoes for Men 2022

Here are the top 10 men’s golf shoes that will make you feel and perform like a pro:

  1. Cuater’s The Legend Golf Shoes
  2. Ecco’s BIOM H4 Golf Shoes
  3. Jordan’s ADG 3 Golf Shoes
  4. Adidas’s TOUR360 22 Shoe
  5. Nike’s Air Zoom Tiger Woods Golf Shoes
  6. FootJoy’s HyperFlex BOA Golf Shoes
  7. FootJoy’s Tarlow Golf Shoes
  8. FootJoy’s Packard Golf Shoes
  9. New Balance Breeze v2 Golf Shoe
  10. Adidas’s Adicross Zx Primeblue Spikeless Golf Shoes

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