Benefits of investing in shares

Stocks and shares recently boomed in popularity. It existed since the very beginning of the stock market. Traditionally we had to contact brokers for buying and selling shares. But now we have alternatives thanks to modern technology. Now everyone can do anything without the need for any middleman. Buy and sell shares with zero commission and hidden charges. Getting info like bajaj finserv share price is super easy. Just download any stock trading app or simply look for Sensex on any of your favorite websites out there.

The benefits of investing in shares and stocks are enormous and in this session, we will learn about those benefits while using an online platform. Shall we proceed?

1. Capital gain:-

Stocks and shares both sound different, but their mechanisms are very similar. For example capital gains. It means the selling price of a share should be significantly higher than the purchase price. It’s a direct profit that grows your overall stats. Never step foot in the stock market unless your first goal is to make money. Only a fierce heart can survive this war, so be prepared.

2. Dividend:-

The dividend is the bonus you get for buying a share. This is cash that is equally distributed between all the shareholders according to the number of shares they hold. The more you invest, the more you get. This profit is calculated at the end of the financial year which is 31st March next year.

3. Liquidity:-

Shares and stocks are very liquid, which means they are very flexible and can be bought and sold anytime. You don’t even need to involve yourself with the company whose shares you are buying. Various online platforms provide the same service which is usually maintained by Machines. Less human interaction, therefore less room for mistakes. Thanks to that there are also no hidden costs. You can either buy one or thousands of shares. Control is yours to take.

4. Special benefits:-

Many big educational, hospital, and commercial sectors provide various additional benefits for their shareholders. Services such as insurance, discounts on their product, or some other form of service. This ranges from mild to extreme. Well, these benefits are limited to those shareholders who hold a large amount of shares.

5. Easy money transfer:-

Modern trading software provides an easy interface for money transactions. UPI and Paytm work flawlessly, as well as PayPal accounts for international investors.

6. Graphical interface:-

Modern trading apps also provide a user-friendly graphical interface while telling you about all the previous rises and falls of that share. Just predict whether the price will rise or not, and correctly guess rewards with a huge return. Well, you can also opt for the easy option of selling the share when the price spikes instead of gambling on a graph.

7. Better than the offline market:-

The commission is very minimal and there are no hidden charges. Apart from these, you will have 24/7 access to Sensex. Real-time customer service can help you in those dire situations and many more. Do not worry and give it a go.


Everything comes at a price and yes there is also a risk of failure. Risk is what thrives shareholders and there is a reason why they compare the share market with gambling. You will be addicted once the money flows into your pocket, the same holds true for losses. There have been many cases of data leaks, which means your personal details are now publicly available. For example, a recent data breach of Digilocker exposed millions of Aadhaar cards and bank details to the whole world. Risks are many and the same applies for benefits. Wanna minimize the risk? Use the 5paisa website for your guidance. Stay healthy and keep on smiling!

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