Benefits of moving to Cherry Hill

However, It can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re trying to move everything from one state to another. But With the best pack and ship service, it can be much easier and less stressful than moving alone. Many people move to Cherry Hill because it offers many things.

Moving to a new environment comes with a lot of benefits and pitfalls. Cherry Hill is ranked among the best 50 small cities in the U.S., and other statistics speak better about the city. If you have heard about Cherry Hill and still have doubts about moving to the city, you are in the right place. Check out this article for more information on the benefits of relocating to Cherry Hill.

Great school system

One of the things many parents consider before relocating to any city is their children’s education. Cherry Hill’s education system is one of the things that attracts many young parents to the city. The school district is ranked topmost in Camden County. The city has produced finalists in nationwide competitions. Cherry Hill does not have a college or university, but there are many of them within Camden County.

Low crime rate

The city is one of the best places to raise kids with peace of mind. One of the pluses is that the city has one of the lowest crime records in the Eastern U.S. Though it is a diverse community, it is tight-knit with friendly neighbors.

Lots of shopping activities

If you love shopping, Cherry Hill is one of the biggest and best shopping malls in New Jersey. The Cherry Hill Mall is the first covered mall in Eastern U.S. The restaurants and the movie theater are other attractions in the mall. Apart from the Cherry Hill Mall, there are other small shopping outlets like the Garden State Park shopping center and Dare Boutique.

Public transportation

If you don’t want to drive yourself to work every day, you have the rail and the bus option to choose from. Some buses can take you out of the city to locations such as New York, Philadelphia, and Chinatown. The train can also take you to different places within the city and Philadelphia.

Great location for commuters

When you live in Cherry Hill, you are not far from the big cities. For instance, Philadelphia is about  20 minutes driving distance from the city. New York City is about 90 minutes, Atlantic City is about one hour, and it takes less than 45 minutes to get to the state capital. Cherry Hill is also closer to other wonderful locations like Medford Lakes and Princeton.

Family-friendly environment

There are a lot of places in Cherry Hill where you can go with your family for maximum fun and entertainment. Your kids will always love to go to the Garden State Museum. You can also visit the wine room to have a little outing with your family. The place boasts authentic wines from Italy. Also, there are numerous parks and children’s playgrounds that you can take your kids to in the city. Other places you can go are the basketball and tennis courts. Cherry Hill also has two golf courses; one is open to the public, while the other is for registered members.

Drawbacks of living in Cherry Hill

When relocating to any city, you should know there will be some undesirable pitfalls, irrespective of the numerous benefits. Below are some of the drawbacks of moving to Cherry Hill.


You could hate the city when you try to leave your home or come into the city at some time in the day. For instance, there is usually heavy traffic during the morning and afternoon rush to and fro work. However, the traffic could be relatively light if you are traveling on the weekend or after the normal rush period.

Cost of living

Living in Cherry Hill is relatively expensive. While the sales tax in Cherry Hill is the normal 6%, the housing tax is a bit more expensive, depending on where you reside. Also, if you are a parent and have toddlers, there are about 25 childcare centers, costing an average of $1,600. 

Things you should do before you move to Cherry Hill

Moving to Cherry Hill could be a stressful activity. It would help if you packed, cleaned, hauled, unpacked, and did other activities. Below are some of the things you should consider.

Have a plan

You can make your relocation stress free by planning. You can draft a plan for the activities you will do each day and then set a deadline for such an activity. When you do this, it is unlikely that you will forget anything or have many things to do on the day you want to relocate.

Hire a moving company

While you might want to make use of friends or family members, hiring a professional is the best thing that will make it hassle-free for you. Cherry Hill movers have experience in getting the job done faster and safer.

Be smart

One of the most important things you should know while packing is that you will unpack the items when you get to your new home. If there is any item that you won’t need at your new place, do not go with them. You should discard such items while cleaning your old apartment.

Final thought

You have the suburban experience when you live in Cherry Hill. There are lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

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