Crocs and Lisa Frank EQL Clogs

Crocs and Lisa Frank have joined forces to create a line of clogs that are bright and bursting with personality. The clogs feature signature lisa frank crocs designs and features like Jibbitz charms. Moreover, they are affordable too. You can even win a pair of clogs by entering a limited-edition drawing.

lisa frank crocs is collaborating with crocs

Crocs are joining forces with one of the most iconic design houses in the world to create a limited edition collection of clogs featuring Lisa Frank’s whimsical designs. Fans of the late illustrator will love this whimsical footwear that is reminiscent of her work. The limited edition collection will be released on March 15 and will feature colorful designs by the artist. The collaboration with Lisa Frank is a fun way for crocs to bring back a vintage feeling to the brand.

The new collaboration between Crocs and Lisa Frank will feature colorful and graphic designs, such as a unicorn and a tiger. These clogs will be sold on EQL, and the winner will be billed within twelve hours of the drawing.

The new clogs from Lisa Frank and Crocs will feature Lisa’s signature designs and Jibbitz charms. They are sure to match your spring and Easter outfits. You can even switch out the charms to create an even more unique look.

lisa frank crocs has a limited-edition drawing to win a pair of clogs

As part of its recent collaboration with the Lisa Frank brand, Crocs is holding a limited-edition drawing to win one pair of Frank’s adult-sized clogs. Crocs will draw a name from all Crocs customers who purchase the EQL version of the clogs during the period of March 15-17. The winner will be contacted within twelve hours of the drawing and charged for the shoes.

The collaboration between Crocs and Lisa Frank features colorful designs with jibbitz charms. The shoes are lightweight, cushioned, and feature croslite foam. They are made in the United States of America from a combination of durable and flexible materials that make them comfortable for your feet.

Crocs are known for their low-maintenance design. The stylish Lisa Frank designs make them easy to clean and don’t show much dirt. This is another great reason to buy Lisa Frank Crocs.

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