Discover What Things Children Are Commonly Anxious About

As an adult, it can seem simple to be a child. You have no financial worries, no need to get a job or do anything specific other than attend school and play with friends. However, this isn’t the case. Children are small people and suffer from the same feelings and anxieties. In some cases, it can be harder for children as they may not fully understand the emotions they are going through.

All parents must appreciate this and know what children are most anxious about.

Separation Anxiety

Children spend all their time with their parents when they are very young. You are their constant as they explore the world and start learning essential skills. It’s little wonder that being left by you somewhere is scary. This is especially common as they approach the first day of education; it’s also common when they switch schools. The problem is it’s all unknown, and they won’t have you by their side.

A good childcare facility, such as this Croydon child care, will talk to you about this before you leave your child. This makes it easier for them and you, to handle the issue.

You need to be aware of the issue, talk to your child about it, and practice leaving them before, so that they know you always come back.

Being Lost

This is an extension of separation anxiety but with a serious edge. Children are often afraid of being lost. The world can be very scary, and they are accustomed to their little corner. That means it can be easy to get lost, and this is a frightening prospect.

The simplest way to avoid this is to ensure they always know where to go if you get separated. You’ll then always be able to find them.


It may surprise you to learn that most children suffer from a fear of failure. Although it may seem like they have life easier than when you were young, they still desire to please you and earn your praise.

That puts a lot of pressure on them to perform, and the fear of failure comes with that.

You must make sure they know it’s okay to fail. View it as a learning opportunity and move on. You can help by praising them more than you praise their achievements. For example, give them more praise for being considerate to others than for getting a good grade.

New Responsibilities

It’s natural for a child to take on more responsibility as they mature. However, that can make them anxious as it is the unknown, and they will need to live up to specified standards.

The thought of doing this, or how they can do it, will make most children anxious.

It’s important to reassure them that, like everything in life, you do your best and take it one step at a time. They will be less anxious and are likely to do a better job if they know they are loved regardless of how they perform.

Don’t forget anxiety is normal and a sign that your child cares. That’s a good thing.

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