Does Kingdom valley have NOC?


The approved Kingdom Valley NOC status is one of the reasons why the society is one of the grand, most successful & magnificent names in the real estate of Pakistan. Moreover, any housing society attracts masses & investors because of some salient features that set it apart. It includes having a primary location, facilities that genuinely stand out, a feasible payment plan, the most affordable installment plan & much more. If the list is topped off with the housing society being completely legal & there won’t be any repercussions or inconveniences in the future, wouldn’t that be perfect? Well, Kingdom Valley serves you well in every department.

One of the biggest reasons the society holds up great importance among its competitor societies is when it can tick all the boxes. Moreover, NOC status approval, however, plays a big part.

Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley is Pakistan’s most promising, progressive & luxurious housing society. Residing in the center of Islamabad, Kingdom Valley does live up to the investor’s expectation in providing a magnificent & one-of-its-kind lifestyle.

Whether it is the prime & supreme location, its exceedingly affordable payment plan, and features that genuinely stand next to perfect, Kingdom Valley is undoubtedly taking the forefront of innovating the living standards of Pakistan’s residents & inhabitants. Moreover, the ideal master plan & incredible facilities play a huge part in attracting potential investors & general masses alike.

Kingdom Valley NOC Status

The bond between the developers & the investor should be everything of assurance, trust & confidence. But, in addition, it is only possible if the promises of magnificence, comfort & luxury are met along with legality & constant maintenance. Kingdom Valley, however, counts as one of the best societies in Pakistan; therefore, the NOC approval factor plays a massive part in maintaining trust.

Kingdom Valley, in particular, is a fully approved housing society, building a bond of great trust. Moreover, the NO objection Certificate of the community has been approved by Punjab Housing & Town Planning Agency (PHATA). Moreover, since the housing project is a co-project of Kingdom group & Naya Pakistan Housing society, it is also approved under the latter’s scheme.

Approval Number

Kingdom Valley’s NOC Status is positive as the society is an entirely legal venture. Moreover, the approval letter number is;

  • DRG/PHATA/2176-2021

Furthermore, it is always advisable for all investors to do the thorough background research & confirm the NOC status from the above number. It is so that any future inconveniences & issues are avoided in the future.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Here are some pros of having a fully NOC-approved society compared to a non-approved one. Also, what are the repercussions in the latter case;


  • It builds a trust, assurance & comfort bond between the developers & buyers/investors.
  • It avoids any future inconveniences & issues in terms of legality
  • It prompts or indicates a much faster development process in the society
  • The investors will not have to fight frequent & vigorous legality problems.
  • NOC gives the investors a sense of assurance and makes an amicable & viable form of connection between the sitting government & developers to flourish the real estate industry in the most seamless & legal way possible.
  • The developers will move ahead & initiate even more magnificent & world-class housing ventures in the future. Eventually, growing the market gives hope for a much brighter future in the real estate industry.  


  • The trust & assurance bond between the developer & owner goes out down the drain so because the investor needs to know if the future is reliable.
  • There are chances of legal eruptions in the future for the investors
  • The real estate industry is not likely to grow in a healthy & prosperous way if societies are not permitted.


Moreover, the legality of the society also benefits in earning the trust of local and potential overseas investors. Since they cannot simply have an on-site visit to the community or do any research, having the assurance of NOC approval from the concerned authorities draws a considerable difference. But while investing in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, you will not have to worry about legality problems.


Kingdom Valley NOC Status is the primary reason the society is highly attracting masses & investors alike. Since the concerned authorities fully approve it, a sheer sense of trust & confidence builds between the developers & residents. Not only does it spare the inhabitants & potential investors from any future inconvenience & issues, but it also grows the market higher. In addition, Kingdom Valley serves the public in the department possible. So, secure your future by making a & timely & wise decision.

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