Essential Tips for Choosing a Facebook Ad Agency

You may have decided to employ an ad agency after reading “How To Determine Whether You’re Ready for a Facebook Ad Agency” and realising that you need help with your Facebook ad account. Here is a brief checklist of some of the top features you should look for when picking a Facebook ads agency before you commit to paid Facebook ad services.

Officially Recognized by Facebook

You should run away (not walk) from any Facebook advertising firm that isn’t Facebook blueprint approved. In 2016, Facebook introduced Blueprint Certification to provide marketers with a standard of quality across all ads. Certification in Media Buying and Media Planning from Facebook requires passing three separate online tests. The exams are constructed in a manner that requires extensive familiarity with the Facebook advertising platform and an appreciation for real-world examples.

Simple Agreements

Typical advertising agency contracts are quite wordy and full of legalese that will have you scratching your head and nodding off. When presented with a contract like the one outlined, it’s easy to ignore or misinterpret key provisions that might endanger your business. Ideally, the contract outlining the terms and conditions of your engagement with your new agency would be brief, clear, and simple to understand. Insist that your agency give a condensed version of the contract if it’s more than three pages long.

There are no initial costs

Ad agencies often pay their commission out of the signup fee. Therefore, the person who responds to all of your questions and ultimately gets you to sign up for an account will get the sign-up charge. Most of the time, you can avoid them simply skipping the paper forms and going straight to the online registration.

Transparent Costs

If a site isn’t upfront about its prices, you may assume they’re not fixed and will likely be rather pricey, to begin with. It will then begin a process similar to haggling with a used car salesperson until a mutually agreeable price is reached. The problem with this strategy is that it’s likely that you’ll be overpaying for their service, no matter what kind of haggling you do. Business indecision may be shown in a company’s unwillingness to settle on even basic terms. Any company with any credibility should be able to provide a single piece of paper that explains its whole price structure.

Quick Interaction

The billboards of your youth have nothing on this one. Rapid change characterises life in the Internet era. Rapid ad production, optimization, and updates lead to more cost-effective marketing campaigns. Check the average response time of an agency to your emails before hiring them. You should seek companies that can answer all emails within a day. Search for it if it has been more than 24 hours.

State-of-the-Art Technology

There are a variety of methods and resources available to help you get the most out of your efforts, depending on your goals. As for the technology these organisations utilise, some have developed their own, while others rely on outside vendors. Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter requires the use of cutting-edge technology to aid with ad purchasing, placement, AB testing, dynamic ad creation, and other tasks. Professionals who are skilled in using these kinds of instruments are essential for maximising their usefulness.

Detailed Knowledge

Some businesses choose to use an agency to manage all facets of their digital marketing initiatives, while others prefer to engage specialists for each function. Agency marketing for particular social media channels, such as Facebook or Instagram, is now more accessible than ever thanks to the Internet. By investing in a professional, you can be certain that your resources will not be wasted. A company blog is another great way to learn about the agency’s history and expertise. Seek a firm that has a blog detailing the most recent happenings in their industry. In order to help their customers make educated judgments about their campaign, advertising agencies that maintain blogs provide useful information to the general audience.


In search of a reputable agency, it is wise to choose those that have received recognition in the past. Advertising firms that have won industry honours are a testament to the extraordinary originality of their staff. While success and return on investment are certainly worthy of recognition, there aren’t many occasions on which such accolades are bestowed. The nominees and winners of awards are typically the same firms that use the award ceremony as a marketing opportunity by paying for advertising or providing food and drink.


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