Exploring SoundCloud for Beginners

Discover SoundCloud’s vast music library, plans for students, and converting capabilities. A must-have tool for all music enthusiasts!

What is SoundCloud?

As an avid music fan, there’s nothing more thrilling than discovering an unreleased track or emerging artist. Thus, SoundCloud has become an indispensable tool in my music exploration journey. This Berlin-based streaming service provides a remarkable music and podcast streaming platform, offering a vast variety of sounds from artists worldwide.

When it comes to the unique platform that SoundCloud fills in the music scene, it stands at the intersection of high-profile artists and bedroom producers. This is a democratized field where every music lover can thrive, where artists can share their creations and listeners can find their next earworm.

In my pursuit of unique and undiscovered music, I’ve often ventured into SoundCloud’s subscription plans, especially the SoundCloud Student plan. For all music-loving students out there, it’s a plan you cannot miss.

The Features of SoundCloud

  1. Upload Music: Users can upload their own audio files. SoundCloud allows users to share their original music, podcasts, or any audio file with others.
  2. Listen: Users can explore and listen to a vast music and audio library, including both mainstream and independent content.
  3. Stream: Music and audio files can be streamed online.
  4. Share and Embed: Tracks can be shared on social media and embedded into websites or blogs.
  5. Follow and Connect: Users can follow their favorite artists or friends and interact with them through comments on their tracks.
  6. Playlists: Users can create their own playlists, compiling their favorite tracks.
  7. Discovery: SoundCloud offers algorithm-based suggestions to discover new music and artists.
  8. SoundCloud Go: A subscription service that provides ad-free listening, offline playback, and access to a sizable collection of tracks.
  9. SoundCloud Pro: A service aimed at artists and creators, providing advanced tools, insights, and features such as the ability to upload more content.
  10. Stats and Insights: Artists can access statistics about their audience and how their tracks are performing.

Is It Possible to Convert SoundCloud Songs to MP3?

As a music aficionado, you might find yourself wanting to keep a very special track near and dear, without worry of losing it to the endless cloud of online data. With the MusicFab SoundCloud converter, you can turn your favourite SoundCloud tracks into another audio format and save them for offline listening— thus, not missing a beat when you’re off the grid.

MusicFab SoundCloud Converter is compatible not only with Go+ users but also with free users.

This SoundCloud Converter is designed with a user-friendly interface and many outstanding features. Some of these features are listed below:

  1. Fast and seamless SoundCloud music download;
  2. Output multiple formats, such as FLAC, M4A, WAV, and OPUS.
  3. Batch download SoundCloud playlists, albums, podcasts and radios;
  4. Preserve ID3 tags for a better organization;
  5. Compatible with SoundCloud free, Go or Go+ users;
  6. Ad-free listening with SoundCloud free subscription;
  7. Built-in web browser for music downloads without installing app. 

The process of downloading and converting music from SoundCloud is straightforward: find your desired SoundCloud music, play it, and then choose the output format as needed, then start the music conversion process.

Final Thought

As one of the most popular audio services on the market, SoundCloud has many amazing features. This post gives basic info about SoundCloud for beginners, including what’s SoundCloud, about SoundCloud plans, and how to download music from SoundCloud. Hope this article can give you some help.

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