Free and Open-Source Apps for Remote Workers

Remote work is the new normal and is accelerating – so are remote employees. Gone are the times of being fastened to your work area consistently, yet with this opportunity come specific difficulties. How might you remain useful with nobody around to help you when you want it most? Indeed, fortunately, there are some apps that you can use to help you and your group effectively work remotely. We’ve gathered seven of our top choices that will permit remote workers to remain useful and associated in various ways, from informing to teaming up on records from their devices! It is one of the reasons why businesses are looking to hire dedicated developers who work remotely but give you  100% efficiency when it comes to working.

Remaining associated as a remote team can be intense. While we love the benefits of working in any place you need, it can likewise be troublesome.

When you work in a similar area, it’s a lot more straightforward to get on various signs (non-verbal communication, looks, and so forth); however, the benefits of being remote offset many drawbacks.

Luckily, throughout recent years, there’s been an expansion in the number of tools for remote teams for the always expanding number of remote-first or completely remote companies. These will assist your remote group with being as useful as possible and further develop remote group cooperation, regardless of whether you’re remote for a couple of days or seven days.

What tools do you want for your remote group? I’ve worked remotely for around three years and have gotten the opportunity to attempt many remote work software tools available. I’ve framed a portion of my top choices in the post beneath.

  1. Slack

Regarding remaining useful and discussing successfully with your group, there could be no greater app than Slack. This informing application is perfect for remote workers since it permits you to work in discrete groups inside a similar workspace – ideal for working together on ventures and monitoring errands doled out to every colleague. Slack is an extraordinary app for overseeing remote groups. It permits you to speak with colleagues and coordinate numerous helpful apps like email, schedule, project the board software (like Asana), CRM tools, and so on. Look at Slack here.

  1. Click

Up to this point, there’s no speedy and simple method for monitoring every one of your ventures, errands, and cutoff times. Click is the ideal application for remote groups that need an unmistakable image of what everybody is working on at some random time. The app coordinates everything into one major undertaking at the executive’s stage, where you can, without much of a stretch, see the exact thing that needs doing and who ought to make it happen.

It’s exceptionally simple to utilize and incorporates other famous applications, for example, Google Apps, Hubspot, and Zoom…it makes working on different ventures a breeze! Extraordinary for developing groups that work on many shifting assignments immediately.

  1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is perfect for checking your group’s efficiency. The app can record how long you spend on unambiguous assignments and undertakings, permitting remote directors to monitor their workers’ working time – and, surprisingly, set every day or week-by-week plans for every individual.

A valuable tool will assist supervisors with expanding efficiency in their group. This app assists you with dealing with your group’s useful hours and allows you to follow dynamic applications running during work hours, take screen captures times indiscriminately over working days, and even log work time for finance purposes! It is also noticeable that if you’re looking to develop such an app, you should go with the top mobile app development company

  1. Google Workspace

With Google’s Workspace set-up of apps, you can undoubtedly share every one of your archives, calculation sheets, and introductions from your Drive with your group. Set up a workspace inside the stage for each venture you’re working on, share it with everybody doled out to that group, and work together progressively.


Google Workspace is famous on purpose. It can assist your group with conveying, sharing records, teaming up on projects, and numerous different highlights you want all inside the Google system. Each app in the Google Workspace has its own Android and iOS mobile app, so you might work remotely depending on the situation to make it simpler for everybody.

  1. Loom

Loom is fundamental for group correspondence and screen sharing, particularly in a remote group. Loom clients can record their screens, create a custom URL for each video recording and offer it to their colleagues for simple access.

One of the most outstanding features is that you can get to it straightforwardly from Google Chrome and have a library of put-away videos. The main disadvantage is as far as possible on free plans. However, its convenience makes it worth the effort.

  1. Nord VPN

A safe and dependable network is fundamental in a remote staffing climate. VPNs are a superb tool for getting client information when your group handles delicate data. Nord VPN is a lightweight and productive Virtual Private Network that we can utilize to get your clients’ security.

Quite possibly, the greatest test that remote abilities face is being associated with their work consistently. With slow web speeds, restricted transmission capacity, and dropped wifi signals, it tends to be challenging to remain associated – also difficult for delicate information to be compromised! Nord VPN offers a solution by moving your web association through servers worldwide, permitting you admittance to rapid associations any place you are on the planet.

  1. Zoom

Perhaps the most serious issue that remote groups face is the point at which their correspondence isn’t clear. When you work remotely, it’s challenging to know precisely what your colleagues are saying and the other way around – however, Zoom tackles this issue by offering completely clear video and voice calls. And suppose you want to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom. In that case, it is ideal to go with the top WebRTC app development company because they have dedicated and experienced resources who love to tackle such challenges and develop the most robust and effective video conferencing apps.

Zoom is no doubt the most fundamental app for remote workers. It’s a video conferencing tool we can utilize on desktops or mobile phones. It offers heaps of elements relying upon your membership type (e.g., facilitating enormous gatherings to online courses).


We trust you’ve viewed this article as accommodating. Please tell us which app(s) you will test or what your #1 remote work hack is!

If you’ve been thinking about working remotely but don’t have any idea where to begin, we can help. We have abundant involvement with remote staffing and couldn’t want anything more than to impart our skills to you! Plan a call today, and we will be happy to respond to any inquiries about how your company could develop by adding more virtual workers. 

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