George Conway and Kellyanne Conway Make the News

George Conway Tweets

The first tweets from George Conway’s Twitter account were from June 2018. The following day, he tweeted, “I’m leaving the White House. Trump is a disaster.” A screenshot of the tweet is below. On the same day, he said he considered returning to law school. The tone of his tweets is in keeping with the other political advisers he has on his staff. The following day, he was on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and President Trump called for him to return to law school.

George Conway And Trump

The tweets from George Conway’s Twitter account have made headlines recently. The contentious lawyer blamed Trump’s Independence Day speech and recently mocked the President in his tweets. His cover photo shows the Continental Army fighting with World War II aircraft. Though the political strategist didn’t respond to a Newsweek request for comment, his Twitter account is a prime example of how he mocks Trump.

Kellyanne Conway’s tweet

Kellyanne Conway’s tweets have also caught the attention of conservatives. She has consistently defended Trump, despite her husband’s public warnings to the contrary. Although she is a conservative, her public positions reflect her conservative viewpoint. In response to his wife’s tweet, George Conway has repeatedly blamed the President’s administration, claiming that windmills cause cancer and refusing that windmills are dangerous. She’s also been critical of his former boss, Donald Trump, and has frequently attacked the media and Trump himself.

Conway’s And the Republican Party

Conway’s tweets have been a source of objection for President Trump. She has publicly questioned the President’s mental state and blamed his family. While many Republicans may agree with her ideas, many Trump supporters have answered with anger. During the 2016 election, she publicly attacked her husband’s health care. During the presidential campaign, she was an advisor to the Republican Party.

Twitter And Politician

While Conway’s Twitter account has remained largely unmodified, his Twitter account is still a useful tool for following politicians. For instance, she recently tagged Trump’s infamous tweet with “#WindmillsCauseCancer” after President Trump’s mention. The tweet also garnered much attention, collecting more than 180,000 followers. Unlike her wife, Conway’s political career is not only about her husband, but she also has a wife, Kellyanne, who works for him.

Conway’s Follower

While Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter account is not very active, it is a great way to follow a famous politician. In particular, you can follow the latest tweets from George Conway’s Twitter account. Using a service such as this, you can investigate profiles and get stats from anyone you follow. This will help you better understand the person behind the account.

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While George Conway and Kellyanne Conway share the same name, their Twitter profiles aren’t entirely the same. While their respective roles differ, they both have long and distinguished resumes. He frequently tweets about the President’s policies and aims and tweets about the President and his family. The President’s son is a frequent critic of his father.

The tweet teased a false claim by President Donald Trump. The tweet, “Windmills cause cancer,” has trended on Twitter. In addition to Trump’s tweets, George Conway’s wife, Kellyanne, is also a conservative.

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