Guide About Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh is situated in the Chikkamagaluru district, Karnataka, which is India’s heart of the Western Ghats. In the Kannada language, Kudremukh means “ the face of a horse “. The Kudremukh Trek is 6,207 ft tall, the third highest peak in the Western Ghats. Because of The Kudremukh National Park, this place is home to many flora and fauna, and also, this National Park is the second-largest wildlife area in the Western Ghats. Many trekkers see deer and peacocks while roaming. Among all the treks, this is different as many spots include wild animals, beautiful sites, grasslands, small streams, and forests.   

Brief About Kudremukh Trek

The peak of the Kudremukh trek has a unique structure and looks exactly like a horse’s face from a different angle. The total distance of the trek is 20-22km(to and fro), and it usually takes a whole day to complete the trek. This trek is also a big part of Shola Forest, home to many animals like deer, lion-tail macaque, leopard, etc. During monsoon season, many tourists visit this place to witness the mist between the mountains; the waterfalls and small streams are at high speed during this season. Both places give a heavenly view during the trek.

Distribution Of The Kudremukh Trek Distance

So the whole Kudremukh Trek is about 20-22 km long.

  • Section 1: Forest Office To Ontimara II

This section’s total distance is 5km and usually takes 2 hours to complete. After taking permission to trek from the Forest office, tourists can start their trekking. After this, trekkers enter Shola Forest, and many may interact with wild animals like Hanuman Langur, Malabar Sieder Lories, etc. During the water, the streaming part tries its best to avoid leeches, as plenty of them are in the water. Until you reach Ontimara 1, many streams and waterfalls are on the trail. Onimaru gives an open grassland trail for trekkers.

  • Section 2: Ontimara II To Final Stretch

This section is 3 km long and takes 1 hour to complete. After 20 minutes on the trail, the trek starts getting steeper, and trekkers can see the Kudremukh peak. 

  • Section 3: Final stretch To Kudremukh Trek

This trek is 1 km long in the distance, and it takes about 30 minutes to complete the whole. After the 30-35 minutes trek, people reach the Kudremukh Peak and enjoy the view and calming feeling with their loved ones.

Best Time To Visit The Kudremukh Trek 

The Kalasa Region of Karnataka has moderate temperatures throughout the year. But still, people should avoid the trek during the summer season as the trek includes some open sections. Tourists usually visit during the monsoon and winter seasons as this time, many people want to see the dark Shola Forest, Bamboo shrubs, and small streams. So the best season or month to visit the Kudremukh peak is June to February. 

Difficulty Level Of Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Trek is a moderate difficulty trek. No particular section is difficult, but one should have their best physic while doing the trek. Here are some important points to remember during the trek:-   

  • Trekking trails might be slippery and muddy. Try wearing proper trekking shoes and also have trek poles.
  • While crossing the stream or waterfall, hold yourself still, as the rocks and ground are slippery, and one might slip also. 
  • In Section II of the trek, the trail gets steep during the 3km. The trekker must be fit enough to go and enjoy the view during the trek.  

Other Places To Visit After The Kudremukh Trek

 There are many different streams, waterfalls, and treks in the Kalasa region. And if one wants to explore more of this region, here is the list of famous places near Kudremukh Peak:-

  • Horanadu Temple- This is a famous temple of the region located at the banks of the Bhadra River. This temple is only 16 km away from the Kudremukh.
  • Ballarayanadurga Fort Trek- To see this fort, one has to do a Bandage trek. Some people also see this from Durgadahall. This trek is 36 km away from the Kudremukh trek. 
  • Maruti Hill- This hill is the 7th highest peak in Karnataka. And it’s very close to the Horanadu temple. This hill’s trek starts from Basarikatte, which is 30km away from the Kudremukh.


Kudremukh peak is the 3rd highest peak in Karnataka and has one of the best viewpoints in the whole area. This trek attracts many tourists because of the scenery. And greenery of the area’s grasslands, waterfalls, streams, and wildlife. 

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