Healthy Options on the Chipotle Menu

One of the most popular things on the Chipotle menu is their burritos. Burritos are essentially flour tortillas stuffed with meat, rice, beans, and sometimes mixed vegetables. The burritos are often served with sour cream and other toppings. These burritos are always a hit with customers. You can choose any type of meat and add extras such as cheese, sour cream, and salsa to make your burrito taste even better.


Although it’s tempting to pile guacamole on every taco at Chipotle, you should realize that these aren’t healthy. They’re packed with sodium and fat, and contain a whopping 14.5 grams of sugar. According to Nutrition Review, dozens of studies between 1972 and 2012 showed that consuming foods with more added sugar can lead to lower health outcomes. However, you can cut back on the amount of guacamole by asking for a half portion.

The Chipotle menu offers seven tacos, each with a different protein. Each one is served on a soft flour or corn tortilla. Tacos can be customized with your choice of protein, toppings, and rice. Most of these tacos are around 300 calories, and they’re a fraction of the weight of a burrito. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, try the pork taco. It’s a great choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a large burrito.

The chicken taco is the most popular protein at Chipotle. It’s mild in taste and comes on a corn or flour taco shell. Sofritas, the vegan protein, are available for vegans, but they’re chewy and don’t make for a tasty taco. For those who prefer a vegetarian protein, try the chorizo tacos. The beef taco is a more substantial choice.

Although the Chipotle menu includes a large variety of foods, the prices are higher than other Mexican restaurants. A meal at Chipotle can cost as little as $15. The company also offers catering services. They also provide nutrition information for their menu. If you’re concerned about calories, check out their nutrition calculator. The company also strives to ensure that their food is safe for you and the environment. Chipotle is committed to providing a more authentic Mexican meal and reducing food waste.


If you love Chipotle Burritos, you’re not alone! Many Tex-Mex restaurants serve this savory dish to satisfy your craving for the authentic taste of a Chipotle burrito. Chipotle burritos are made with a flour tortilla, which is then wrapped around a variety of food ingredients. This process makes the flour tortilla pliable and keeps the ingredients together. Chipotle Burritos are served with salsa or crema, and are traditionally eaten with a knife and fork.

The restaurant is also giving back to teachers in the form of free burritos! The restaurant has announced plans to award $1 million in free burritos to teachers at 2,000 schools, starting on Aug. 15. The Chipotle Burritos 4 Teachers Promotion will draw teachers from a pool of nominations made by “Chipotle fans.” To nominate a teacher, please visit the website, and follow the instructions.

One of the greatest changes to the Chipotle menu is its use of gold foil. The taco chain introduced gold foil wrappers for burritos in 2011, but they were only available in-store and digitally from July 23 to August 1, 2014. Chipotle has partnered with the popular hip-hop artist Trinidad James, who wrote the hit song, “All Gold Everything,” about the gold foil-wrapped burritos.

For the rice in the burrito, you can substitute regular or brown rice, or you can opt for rotisserie chicken instead. You may also choose to replace the shredded chicken with a piece of grilled chicken. Either way, you’ll love the convenience of these burritos. The ingredients are fresh, and the taste is delicious! Chipotle Burritos are sure to satisfy any craving for Mexican food!


When it comes to a Chipotle menu salad, you may wonder what you can order that is healthier than a traditional salad. Chicken, for instance, is the healthiest meat to choose, and the company uses chicken as its base in its salads. The nutrition calculator even lists chicken as the healthiest meat to choose. While it is not advisable to order a salad that is all chicken, you can try skipping the other toppings, such as cheese or bacon.

While the Chipotle menu may not be the best place to find healthy eating options, the ingredients are fresh and without artificial additives. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that despite Chipotle’s healthy offerings, many of the items can pack a high calorie count. To help you choose the right salads, the chain has created different sections on their menu and six diet-friendly orders. Read on to learn more.

Generally, a Chipotle menu salad should start with a bed of lettuce and include chicken, black beans, corn, and vegetables. Some salads are topped with guacamole and other tasty sauces. Toppings should be limited to a single serving, though. The guacamole may overpower the dish and overwhelm your meal. The dressing, though, is a must-have.

A Chipotle salad should be tailored to your taste. You can replace cilantro with green onions and add protein. Salad dressings may be different for different types of salads. Chipotle’s vegetable-based dressing is free of added sugar. This salad is a healthy option and can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. Chipotle also has a large variety of salad dressings to choose from. It’s worth checking out their menu before ordering a salad.


Quesadillas have long been a popular choice for fans of Chipotle. Now, this popular Mexican restaurant has added the entree to their menu, and there are also smaller, customizable options for kids. The basic cheese quesadilla is $3.95, while the beef, chicken, or veggie quesadilla is $4.50. The kid’s menu quesadillas are served with chips, fruit, and vegetables but no salsas.

The quesadilla isn’t the front line for customers, but consumers don’t mind picking it up from a store. Chipotle executives cited quesadillas as one of the most requested menu additions two years ago. In fact, some Chipotle locations already make them for customers, but this menu item may be the next step for the national chain.

For a quick, delicious breakfast, Chipotle’s quesadillas are the perfect choice. These Mexican-inspired dishes are not spicy, and you don’t need a lot of peppers to create a great meal. Instead, you can use red onions, garlic, diced tomatoes, and chipotles. Then, heat a flour tortilla on a griddle or saute pan, and spread on the filling.

The interior of the quesadilla is filled with the standard cheese and filling, but you can order additional toppings. Other Chipotle staples can be added to the interior, including fajita veggies, beans, and rice. Despite the fact that this menu item is relatively simple, it is a fun and tasty option for families. You can share it with others, or even enjoy it alone. Chipotle menu quesadillas are great for sharing, and they are great options for those who can’t fit a giant burrito into their mouths.

Once a secret menu item, the quesadilla is now available on the main menu. Customers can order the Hand-Crafted Quesadilla through the Chipotle app or online. Chipotle’s newest menu item will be customizable for the first time since the company introduced the salad 17 years ago. The Hand-Crafted Quesadilla is an exciting change for customers, and it’s certainly worth the wait.

Steak salad

This dish is a delicious way to serve your steak with a spicy kick! Slice the steak against the grain and place on a bed of shredded lettuce. Next, add chopped cilantro and diced tomatoes. Top with avocado and reduced-fat cheddar cheese. Finally, drizzle with a chipotle lime vinaigrette. Serve with crusty bread. If desired, you can also add salsa and sour cream.

This recipe includes an impressive array of summer ingredients, including grilled filet seasoned with steakhouse rub, avocado, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato fries, and romaine lettuce. The dressing adds a zing to the meal, and it’s served with a side of Chipotle Crema. If you have a sweet tooth, you can even add some bacon to the mix! This salad is perfect for a barbecue!

To prepare the sauce, you’ll need a chipotle pepper. Herdez(r) cooking sauces are excellent, and are available in many grocery stores across the country. If you don’t have it handy, you can always order it online or pick it up locally! You’ll be glad you did! There’s nothing better than a meal that’s loaded with flavor! Try this dish and enjoy the flavors of a Mexican fiesta! It’s sure to become one of your favorites!

If you want a lighter version of this salad, try replacing the cilantro with green onions. It’s easy and tastes just as delicious. The avocado provides the salad with a smooth, creamy texture. Make sure you choose perfectly ripe avocados! Avocados are best when they are soft but not mushy. This will ensure that the dressing holds up well and adds a richness to your salad. Soak the avocado in ice water for about 10 minutes before using it.

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