Here is a list of important Payroll Software in India.

Here is a list of important Payroll Software in India.

Payroll Software in India, Netcomm Labs brings Officenet as an exciting Intranet solution that will meet the communication requirements within your business. Intranets are generally viewed as boring, but they are also helpful. Unfortunately, this can make it challenging for intranet teams to get the popularity and resources they require. In contrast, the office comes with a wealth of innovation and ease of use and is backed by the most up-to-date tools for managing, sharing, and sharing information throughout your Company.

Payroll Software In India Services:

  • Leave and Attendance
  • On-Boarding and Recruitment
  • Travel Management
  • Human Resource Management Systems and HR Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • The Management of Expenses

Payroll Software In India: 2 Orange Technolab Pvt. Ltd. [HRMS Orange]

Since Orange Payroll & HRMS Software is a straightforward and efficient solution. A highly developed methodology that makes an organization’s needs more relevant. Orange Payroll Software in India is determined to bring substantial benefits and value to our clients and partners. With an innovative service and a flexible and adaptable solution.

Payroll Software In India: Services:


Payroll Software In India: 3 OMNISCIENT IT SOLUTIONS

Since All of your IT requirements are met to your complete satisfaction, Our primary area of expertise is the development of Customized IT Solutions also offer ready-to-use solutions suitable for Retail Chain stores, HR, Trading & Manufacturing Companies. Also, the most current solutions are Billing, Inventory, Payroll, HRMS, Employee Tracking Solutions, ERP, and CRM for small and large companies. In addition, we provide Quality Services and Products that Assure you will receive Total Satisfaction. Also, A recent feature we have added to our offerings is a Digital Marketing solution for promoting your brand and taking your business up a notch by using SEO, SMO, and other promotional services.

Payroll Software In India Services:

  • Retail Chain Stores/ Shops
  • HR Departments
  • Recruiters & Consultants
  • Trading Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Colleges, Schools & Academic Institutes

Payroll Software In India: 4 PAY HR & PAYROLL SOLUTIONS

Since Intelliob created daycare HR & Payroll Solutions, it has also been driven by innovation. Intelliob has also achieved great success through its broad range of solutions, including Human Resources and Payroll with integrated time & Attendance systems and Financial Accounting Solutions for corporate and SMEs. Intelliob also provides Managed Payroll services and established a name in providing professional and modern web solutions built on the Microsoft .NET Platform.

Payroll Software In India Services:


Five sumHR HR & Payroll Software

An HR application is a central platform that makes HR systems and processes more efficient and allows you to manage, access, and automate various employee and organizational information. A comprehensive HR software in India will allow you to capture your employees’ data and track their wages, leaves and performance. Since In addition, it aids in accessing employee information, sending reminders and alerts and tracking Attendance, keeping a complete history of work, and reducing the complexity of nearly all other HR tasks. HR software is the ideal tool to simplify and streamline HR management.


  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Biometric Time and Attendance
  • The Leave Policy & Tracking
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management


This formulated technologies in the first quarter of 2004 to provide high-quality software and Internet services. Also, the business operations began in April 2004. The Company was backed by technocrats who have also been in the IT field for over five years. Our focus has guided our clients towards their respective business communities through a remarkable presence. The Company has also worked with internet-based technologies to speed up the processing client data and requests via the Internet. As a result, the Company has a reputable customer base to its credit in a short time.


  • Employee Database
  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Claim and Reimbursement
  • Loans & Advance
  • TDS & Tax Planner
  • Exit Management

7 NITSO Technology Private Limited

Since No Technologies has substantial experience providing high-quality software for payroll, fixed asset management software, and Internet solutions. Since we have an impressive track record of having a thousand happy customers using the various applications and services. Also, No Technologies is backed by prominent professionals with a wealth of knowledge in Accounting, Taxation, Industry, Finance, and Administration Information Technology. Additionally, they know Payroll Software, HRMS, and Fixed Asset Management Software. We aim to provide the most appropriate solution to our customers, regardless of the Product or service required.


  • Payroll Software
  • HR Management Software
  • Fixed Asset Management Specialist
  • TDS Specialist
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Billing Software
  • CTVS Hospital Management Software
  • HRMS in Cloud (SAAS)

9 Paybooks Technologies India Private Limited

Since Paybooks aims to make paying employees pleasant and straightforward for businesses, since 2012, we’ve assisted 3,000+ companies across India in automatizing their payroll, remaining in compliance with regulations, and delighting their employees. Samira leads the product development and marketing department at Paybooks also. He is a Chartered accountant with a degree in Information Systems Audit with 15 years of experience in payroll advisory for companies, corporate advisory, and taxation. He worked as an independent consultant before co-founding Paybooks.


  • Direct Salary Pay
  • LEAVE management

10 Zenscale ERP

Since we are among the most renowned software companies working in cloud-based ERP solutions, including payroll, Financial Accounting, Material Management, and Production Planning, allowing you to manage your business in a single click. Also, we provide entirely customized and logical solutions that cover all the essentials for running and maintaining your business efficiently. In addition, our software solutions provide processes that start from the entry point to the final product or service delivery to clients.


  • Financial Accounting
  • MATERIAL Management

11 D’selva InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

At GFN D’selva InfoTech, we develop Custom Software Solutions based on various platforms and technologies. Including Net, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, PHP, and embedded systems & diversifying as per the market requirements. Since Developers at our Team D’selva have experience carrying out complex and large-scale web applications of various themes, Delva offers numerous services: Website Development, Mobile Applications, JAVA, and.


  • Microsoft Development
  • Mobile Application
  • iOS Apps Development
  • Software development
  • Java Development
  • PHP Development Company
  • Web Design & Development

12 Quikchex

Payroll Outsourcing. Since HR & Payroll Software. Also, Statutory Compliance Services Our intuitive HR Software and Pan-India Payroll Outsourcing Team provide businesses with an all-in-one HR Solution.


  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Compliance Management
  • Tax Management
  • Performance Management
  • The Management of Expenses
  • Recruitment Management

13 daycare India Payroll

Since Intelliob has had great popularity with its extensive array of solutions, such as Human Resources and Payroll with integrated Time/Attendance and Accounting systems and Financial Accounting for corporate and SMEs, the solutions are available in both cloud and on-premise services.

In addition, Intelliob has also developed an image of offering professional and up-to-date content filtering on the web and mobile apps on a variety of Platforms.


  • Payroll Software
  • Time Attendance System
  • HRMS Software
  • Web Content Filter

14 Billing Software India

Since the leader worldwide in software development and web design technology, Developments are taking place worldwide. Also, Providing an entirely new meaning to efficiency and effectiveness. Suppose one example of this is the “software development” discipline development. Also, the software is a term that was a mystery to the public just some years ago. Has become essential for even the ordinary person. Also, the software has become the basis for success for any modern business.


  • DIGITAL Marketing

15 HR Payroll Payroll Software

Since, HR Mangtaa is simple, affordable, & robust Human Resources & Payroll software that offers the complete solution to all your HR requirements. Also, the hr mantra saves you time by allowing automation and digitalization across every Human Resources function. HR Mangtaa is an all-inclusive Cloud built (SAAS that is a cloud-based) HR Management Software for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises, resulting in improved efficiency and precise decision-making across your HR key tasks.


  • PERFORMANCE Management

As classification helps you with several assignments in general, Computerization in HRMS will make it all easy for you. Also, Try UBS HRMS for one of the great Payroll Software in Chennai. UBS HRMS is a one-only process that also can help you to be at to leave and payroll process.

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