How Does Applying Online to Leave the Church in Germany Benefit You?

If you are in Germany, you may want to know what are the benefits of Applying online to leave the church. First, you will not have to go through the hassle of filing for church tax, which can be expensive. The Church tax is a surcharge on top of your income tax. It’s 8% in the state of Bayern and 7% in the state of Baden-Württemberg, however you can avoid it by applying online at

Church tax in Germany is a surcharge on top of your income tax

While the actual amount of the church tax in Germany varies from state to state, it is usually around eight to nine percent. The bill will depend on your salary, as well as where you live. It is calculated by taking your income tax plus any child allowances and is deducted from your paycheck. It can be paid in monthly, quarterly, or yearly installments. You can even deduct church tax on your annual tax return, if you want to.

In Germany, there are a number of ways to opt out of paying the church tax. First, you can put “oa” in the box that says “kernel offentlich-rechtlichen religionsgesellschaft angehorig.” Or, you can put a dash through the box. However, be aware that you are likely to be asked to pay the tax even if you are not religious. If you fail to pay it, you can be hit with a large bill, including several hundred euros.

People who pay the church tax tend to be more religious than those who don’t. However, they are also more likely to attend church, pray regularly, and view religion as important. In fact, 77% of church tax payers say they believe in God.

It is 8% in Bayern and Baden-Württemberg

In Germany, the process of leaving the church is quite complex and often requires patience. In most cases, people are leaving the church because they don’t want to pay the church tax anymore. However, the process and cost of leaving the church can vary depending on the state. Bremen, for instance, has a free opting-out procedure, while Northrhein-Westfalia requires a court procedure and notary.

In Germany, there are 27 dioceses. The Archdiocese of Cologne has the largest number of exoding Catholics, followed by the Archdiocese of Munich, Freiburg, and Berlin. On Wednesday, Andreas Niessen, a former member of the Catholic Church, decided to leave the church. Although his family had a religious background, he didn’t want his children to be raised in a Christian home.

In Germany, the Church tax system is largely based on direct taxation. This taxation gives the major Churches a stable source of income, although the amount is gradually decreasing. As such, it’s important that the Church tax system is made public and accessible.

It is lost if the Church member in the marriage is not a tax-payer

It is possible to separate legally from the Church even after marriage. In this case, the Church member in the marriage does not have to pay church tax or to attend church services in Germany. This special tax is not collected uniformly, but amounts to about one third of the church tax. The tax does not apply to joint income under 30,000 euros. However, if the Church member in the marriage is a tax-payer, the non-payer spouse has to pay church tax. To avoid paying this special tax, a couple may wish to separate their income and apply for individual assessment instead of joint assessment. However, this would mean missing out on tax savings.

In Germany, if you or your spouse wants to leave the church, you need to inform the district court or the register office. To do so, bring your ID or passport and fill out the Austrittsformular. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation letter. In most cases, your obligation to pay church tax will end in the following month or in a few months depending on the state.

It is waived if you apply online

When leaving the church, you must first notify the district court or register office of your intention. Then, you must fill out an Austrittsformular and sign it. Once you have completed the process, your church tax payments will cease automatically. This process can take up to two months.

However, there are some benefits to opting out. The first is that you can save time. Instead of spending countless hours in the church, you can complete the process in the privacy of your own home. In addition, you can apply online, which is easier than ever.

Another benefit is that you will have a faster assessment time. The tax office will assess your income and will apply the most appropriate method. Once you have paid the required amount, your tax office will apply the most advantageous method for you. Alternatively, you can apply to the tax office for a church tax cap.

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