How To Change Location on an iPhone?

According to the statistics of 2020, almost 90% of the US population is using iPhones, compared to 40% of Europe’s population. Over the past decade, we have seen an amazing rise in the sales of Apple products, including Apple smart watches and AirPods, which have recently gained the immense trust of users. Talking about Apple’s overall security and privacy settings, no smartphone brand can suppress Apple and be renowned as the most secure and user-friendly smartphone. If you have been using Apple products since its initial launch, then you would certainly be well aware of the state-of-the-art features. Moreover, Apple emphasizes updating its features continuously in order to facilitate its robust users around the globe.

Like other Android smartphones, Apple has its own firmware and iOS operating system, which isn’t as complicated as it seems. While using iOS-based devices, you would come across a few restrictions, such as changing location during travel or commute. However, the location services on iPhone are undoubtedly precise and accurate. If you are during transit or traveling abroad, you might want to keep changing your location instantly, and for that, you should download VPN anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for a perfect VPN connection while traveling, then Ivacy VPN is the best pick.

How Does Apple iPhone Settings Change User’s Location

If you are looking to change your location, you should start by opening the settings tab from the main screen and then open your account. After you have accessed your Apple ID account settings, you can tap on the country or region and select the desired from the list. However, this switch won’t give you much comfort as there will be glitches while fetching your location. That isn’t quite possible if you are looking to access geo-restricted content by just tapping on the switch location region.

After you have reviewed the terms and conditions, you need to confirm your selection from the account setting. Once you have clicked “Agree,” your iPhone’s location will change instantly; however, your IP or the internet protocol won’t be of the desired location you want to be virtual. It’s ideal for downloading a VPN to cut the hassle and monotonous location changing from the account’s setting. Continue reading to find out how you can integrate VPN on your Apple iPhone.

How Does Using VPN Gives You an Edge if You are an iPhone User?

If you are a consistent iPhone user, you might struggle to find the content according to your desired location. It’s said that accessing geo-restricted content by just changing your device’s manual settings is almost impossible. Hence, if you use a verified VPN connection, you can instantly switch between locations without hassle. Changing location via a decent VPN connection helps you get verified and channeled content flowing through your device.

If you have integrated a working connection, you can simply sign up on Ivacy VPN’s Apple device and set up your personal VPN account seamlessly. Moreover, once the connection is established, you can switch between countries or regions of your choice without troubling the account’s setting. If you are a techno-friendly individual, you can tell the difference between using a verified VPN connection and changing location services manually.

Once your device is connected to the Ivacy VPN’s servers, you will see the bytes and data frequency shown in the top toolbar. In order to confirm your location, you can go to Google’s main page and search for what’s my location. After refreshing your webpage, you will observe from where you are virtually located.

Talking about the perks and advantages of using a VPN connection in iPhones, it has the best user interface and is easy to manage as an end-user. Once you have started exploring the benefits of using a VPN connection, you won’t stop streaming and searching for content online. Be it Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service, you can explore the region-restricted content with just one tap. Along with the unlimited experience of streaming services, you can explore region-restricted financial services and regional news bulletins without any hassle.

Be it online streaming or shopping; you can find the ideal way out of your location accessibility problems with a solid VPN connection. It’s best to use the modern technology of VPN that allows you to bypass geo-restrictions without giving up your real identity.

Final Word!

In this highly digital and fast-paced world, you can rely on dependable Ivacy VPN, which provides one hundred percent satisfaction to its users around the globe. Be it anywhere around; you can switch your real location instantly without even opening the accounts setting and entering the Apple ID password. Hence, the availability of VPN is a sort of convenience for iPhone users, especially who tend to switch their location regularly.

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