How To Cover UPSC Syllabus In 6 Months?

UPSC Preliminary Exam is the gateway to the Civil Services Main Exam. If you are preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam, you might wonder how to cover the entire UPSC Syllabus in 6 months. After all, there is a lot to learn! If you do not meet the UPSC Preliminary Exam cutoff score, you will not be seated for the Main Exam. BYJU’S Exam Prep assists candidates in this regard and ensures that you’ll be prepared for the test in 6 months.

Preparing a well-planned strategy is vital to cover the UPSC syllabus for the Prelims and Mains exams. The simplest method is to break down the study modules into smaller chunks and prepare them accordingly.

6 Months Schedule

If you’re beginning to prepare for the UPSC prelims, you’ll need a schedule to organize your studies. The most important thing is strictly following the timetable without skipping any subjects.

To crack the UPSC Exam 2022, you must give equal attention to all the subjects in General Studies Paper I. It is also essential that you practice writing different questions’ answers and undergo mock tests to strengthen your preparation for your General Studies II (CSAT) paper. Look at the following schedule, which contains a strategy covering all topics within six months.

1st-month preparation

In the first month of preparation, you need to cover art, culture, and history (ancient and modern), as Indian history is vast and covers many topics. To cover everything in detail would require a lot of effort, for which you have to spend at least 8-10 hours daily.

2nd-month preparation

Month 2 of the 6-month schedule to cover the UPSC syllabus should include lengthy topics such as Indian Polity. There are also other essential topics mentioned in Economics that you must cover in the 2nd preparation month.

3rd-month preparation

This is the third month, and you will need to cover some critical topics. This month is to cover more topics from science and technology. Divide the section into various parts with exciting topics.

4th-month preparation

We are in the fourth month of our syllabus and have 90 days until exams. This month, you have to cover the geography and the economic survey. With this section, you’ll be ready to start preparing for CSAT and practicing mock tests.

5th-month preparation

We are in our 5th month of preparation. It is time to cover the current affairs section and important facts from India’s Year Book, magazines, PIB website, newspapers, and other elements. This month is also crucial for reviewing what you have learned and strengthening our base to ensure we are ready for the long journey ahead.

6th-month preparation

In the 6th month, revise the materials you have studied so far. Cover the notes you have taken and the previous tests, and try to recollect everything you can. With every mock test, you give, note the total time taken, and keep track of your speed to ensure whether it is increasing or not. This will help ensure you are ready to give your first UPSC attempt. Your aim in the mock test must be to complete all the questions in about an hour.

The bottom Line

Start preparing for the UPSC exam by following an organized study plan to cover all the topics. Here is a comprehensive 6-monthly schedule showing all the sections required for the UPSC aspirants to be covered each month. Keep in mind that this is just a rough guideline, and you can adjust the schedule as you deem fit according to your convenience.

The best way to cover the UPSC syllabus in less than 6 months is to be flexible about how you study. Spread out your study time. Make notes and keep track of what you’ve learned. Doing this will ensure that you are well-prepared and have covered the entire UPSC syllabus.

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