How To Know a Job That Is Supportive Of LGBTQ+ Employees

Job hunting is daunting for anyone looking to be in the workforce. If you’re an LGBTQ+ community member, you may need to be double sure that the company you’re applying to includes all persons.

It’s common knowledge that sexual orientation and gender identity don’t translate directly to workplace expertise and professionalism. Yet, some organizations still feign support for the LGBTQ+ group. Hence, if you’re this job seeker, confirming the stances of preferred companies concerning equal work culture is crucial.

Likewise, you may not belong to the community but seek an employer that prioritizes authenticity and equality. Here is how to know about these LGBTQ+-friendly workplaces.

Diverse Workers

Making your findings is one thing you wouldn’t want to take chances with during your job search. An effective way to do this is to check job websites that include companies’ values and missions. Sometimes, there are image representations of various workers. Take note of these pictures on the company’s webpage to see if they’re of varied races, ethnicity, and gender.

Non-discriminatory Principles

Some employers state clearly in their vacancy broadcast that they’re open to all individuals. Those that don’t may have it on their personified pages online in the “About Us” section. Read their policies extensively and note all sentences that unify workers’ categories.

Occasionally, a few may include their recruitment data as evidence of their commitment to inclusivity. If a job doesn’t have a transparent policy, it’s best you take that as a “NO” and further your search.

Equal Benefits

Most people seek corporate jobs, especially for their added advantages. And a company that professes support for all persons will not deprive the LGBTQ+ community of this benefit. Examples include trans healthcare, parental leave for LGBTQ+ couples, domestic partner benefits, paid family leave, etc.


Despite the pleasantness of an organization’s written policies, their practices may be contrasting. Do they observe Pride Month? Are they vocal about discrimination toward LGBTQ+ workers? Do they promote the LGBTQ+ cause on their social handles?

While you can’t wait until you begin work before discovering these, you can get answers from past employees. An online platform where workers share their workplace experiences will be best for collecting this data. Also, you can check in with current employees to hear their perspectives on the subject.

Inclusive Networking

The employee resource groups are excellent media for office connections. Usually, these are where staff engage in career discussions and relay workplace grievances. While they promote expression from all workers, they’re also instrumental in resolving disputes. And like other employees, LGBTQ+ workers shouldn’t be left out in this networking space.

Do you belong to the LGBTQ+ community and perhaps already working in a toxic environment? That’s because you didn’t adopt the proper job search method or are desperate to get a role at the time. Well, the good news is that you can always opt-out.

However, if you’ve unjustly been fired from your job due to prejudices against your sexual orientation,  hire an unfair dismissal lawyer to help fight for your rights.

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