How To Send Bulk DM on Instagram

 If you are looking for one of the best ways of advertising on Instagram, we suggest Sending Bulk Direct Messages! Instagram Has billions of users across the World and Sending Bulk Direct Messages is one of the Best Ways To get in Touch with Your Target Audiences and Turn Them into Potential Customers!

Stay with us To Tell You About Some Tips and Tricks About Send Bulk Direct Messages!

Pros of Send Bulk Direct Messages on Instagram

Interaction with the audience on Instagram

One Of The Most Important Pros of Send Bulk Direct Messages On Instagram Is increasing Your Interaction With your Target Audiences, Because Direct Message is a Personal Space, Users Can easily Ask Their Questions And Tell Their Opinion and Get More Precise Answers So The Chance Of converting Potential Customers into Actual Ones is significantly More!

Direct communication with contacts on Instagram

you can Also identify the followers of Instagram pages that are close to your field or service, in this way you can select your audiences and Target the Exact Group of Them by Sending Bulk Direct Messages To them, Notify Them About your Service and Business and do targeted advertising. Then if these People Can Find Their Desired Content, Services, Or Product On your Instagram Page They Will Be Easily Attract to Your Instagram Page

Attracting the attention of the audience by sending a Direct message on Instagram

One of the advantages of a private message is that it makes people curious enough to open the message and read it. Daily users are bombarded with posts and stories on Instagram, so they may easily pass by many advertisements and not pay attention to them. On The Other Hand, Instagram Direct Messages Are placed in a person’s private messages, attract his attention, and cause him to follow the content more carefully.

If you’re looking For a Way to Send Bulk Direct Messages inside Your Instagram Application, we Have to Say This is not Possible! Because Instagram is Against Sending Bulk Direct Messages but All Of us Know Due to the privacy of the message, it will have a favorable effect in terms of advertising. So how can we send a group direct message using a series of tricks

 Instagram Rules About Sending Direct Messages


First of all, you need To know that Instagram divides the people to whom you want to send a direct message into two groups

  1.       People who are considered your known Contacts mean they have followed you.


  1.       People who are considered strangers mean they didn’t follow you.

There are no restrictions on known Contacts, and as long as your followers do not report or block you, Instagram will not have a problem with sending your direct messages. In this case, Instagram assumes that you are responding or interacting with people who already know you and have followed you and are interacting with you. But it is very strict about people who are considered strangers, Instagram does not allow you to send direct messages to more than 15 strangers in a day! At first glance, this is a Very Low Number, but with an interesting method, you can send a large number of direct messages per day even with this limitation. Stay with us To discuss That Method!

Using Tools To Send Direct messages

Before even Talking About Methods to Bypass the Limitations you Need To know you will Need Tools To Send Bulk Direct Messages Because you Will Not Be Able to Send Direct Messages To Many People Manually And Without Proper Tools!

What we mean by the tool is software that we can set the text of the message and the ID of the people we want to send a direct message To, and that software automatically sends the messages.

With a lot of research, we have been able to find a tool from the virtual user site called “Instagram mass direct sending software”, which is also very popular internationally. For more information about this software, you can refer to the virtual user site (, because there, in addition to complete and comprehensive explanations, there is also a Demo version of the software, which you can see how such software works.

Tricks to bypass Instagram restrictions in sending Bulk direct messages

As we said, Instagram is very sensitive to sending direct messages to strangers and sometimes it doesn’t allow you to send direct messages to more than 15 strangers in one day. Bypassing this restriction is only possible by creating sub-accounts (pages). It means that you create a large number of sub-pages and advertise your main page in Direct Message Section through them. Suppose you send a post from your main page in Direct (with sub-accounts) to others. Creating a sub-account is not that difficult and you can even get pre-made Instagram accounts for a Low Price. The main issue is that the direct Instagram bulk message sender has the ability to accept a large number of accounts so that it can automatically send a number of direct messages through each account and go to the next account and continue this process on a massive scale. Of course, the software that we introduced in the previous section also has this possibility. We recommend that if you want to send mass direct messages, you must visit the virtual user site and its popular software.

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