Is Chinese Tuition in Singapore Worth the Money?

One major trend today with young parents is getting Chinese tuition in Singapore for their children, especially since many children have difficulties coping in mother tongue classes because of the fast pace of Singapore’s education system. These parents believe that Chinese tuition is a practical investment that benefits their children. Learning a mother tongue comes hard for many young students in Singapore since the majority are growing up using English to communicate. The prospect of memorising new grammar rules, vocabulary, and new phrases can be quite daunting for children. Thus, the alternative for many young parents and their children is to visit Chinese tuition in Singapore. Understandably, Chinese tutoring differs from the traditional classroom setting in schools.

The big advantage

Chinese private tuition is a tutoring service that allows students to improve their learning of Mandarin from the comfort of their own homes. This means that students getting left behind in their classroom lessons can now cope or catch up through the tutoring sessions. The students don’t even need to travel to tuition classes since the tutor travels to the student’s homes. Most people still prefer face-to-face lessons and the one-to-one advantage of private tutoring makes it worth considering.

Children now have the freedom to learn at their own pace

Learning Chinese from private tuition today is not only convenient, but it also allows children to learn at their own pace. It is an excellent alternative for those who have a hard time catching up with their classroom lessons or simply to catch up after missing some classes because of health or family reasons. For children learning at their own pace means they can focus on the topics that they need more help with or cannot fully comprehend. The tutors can also skip those lessons that the children have already learned well.

Parents can adjust the tutoring schedule for their children’s benefit

Parents can adjust the tutoring schedule for their children since it is the tutor that travels to the student’s home. This also maximises how children can learn Mandarin. In the 20th Century, many parents had to face the problem of looking for a private tutor – mostly freelance at that time – and adjusting to the tutor’s schedule. So imagine parents looking for multiple tutors for multiple subjects! But today, tuition agencies, even for Chinese, can be contacted and the tutors adjust to the convenience and needs of the students and parents. And today, professional and experienced tutors can teach Mandarin by using English, putting many children at ease.

One-to-one teaching sessions

These face-to-face and one-to-one teaching sessions mean that children can learn at their own and convenient pace. Students can work on course materials and sample tests/exams while being guided by their tutors. The tutors are always available so the student can ask as many questions as they want to without feeling shy as they would in a classroom environment. When the tuition agency has matched an experienced tutor for the student, the tutor automatically assesses the student’s progress in class and provides feedback on assignments. And the tutor not only works with the student on the academic side but also provides mental support and encouragement to boost the child’s confidence.

Customised lessons for the student’s needs

Experienced tutors can customise their lessons to suit the student’s needs after the tutor has assessed the child’s progress and weaknesses. The student’s learning style, abilities, and level of interest are also considered when preparing the lessons for each session. The ability of tutors to customise their courseware allows students especially at the elementary level to get a higher learning that fits their unique needs. Experienced tutors even have their own portfolio of sample courseware, lessons, exercises, tests, and exams to customise their lessons for the students.

Visit Chinese tuition in Singapore such as FamilyTutor

If you are parents of children who need some serious tutoring for the Chinese mother tongue, you only need to visit Chinese tuition in Singapore such as FamilyTutor. Our qualified and experienced Chinese tutors are just what you are looking for. We make it clear to students and parents that we are highly dedicated to helping all students of all ages to develop their mother language skills. FamilyTutor is what parents are looking for to get that solid learning education option for their children.

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