Is Influencer Marketing for Men’s Fashion Brands Worthy?

When the term influencer marketing was first introduced in marketing, nobody thought it would take this gigantic form. People were skeptical about moving from the traditional form of marketing to this elusive influencer marketing. The scope was considered smaller for men’s fashion brands. But after the skyrocketing success of this new marketing strategy, people had no choice but to jump on the bandwagon.

Let’s introduce you to the best men’s fashion brands willing to collaborate with fashion influencers.

Why the need for influencer marketing for men’s fashion brands?

Men’s fashion may have been overlooked in the past but is gaining momentum this past decade. Brands observe men who are conscious about their appearance and what they wear.

Male fashion influencers are receiving their much-deserved attention. They relate to ordinary men and show them how to elevate their appearance through clothing, accessories, and personal upkeep.

They communicate with actual guys trying to improve their lifestyles on topics including personal style, daily routines, and exercise plans.

Because of this, they can achieve remarkable outcomes for menswear businesses of all styles and pricing points. Many male content producers have devoted, intensely interested audiences, which makes them ideal for brand awareness campaigns.

Men’s fashion brands are looking for male influencers with dedicated followers on their social media platforms. They actively corroborate with influences who share the same personal beliefs, such as sustainability, eco-friendly approach, etc., as the brand itself.

The product’s value is a huge driving force for selling men’s fashion. Men are interested in purchasing products that are of excellent quality and justify the price. Brands are aware that men do not mind if the price is too high if the product is of top-notch quality. This is why they need influencers to discuss the product and create demand.

Which Men’s fashion brands are opting for influencer marketing

Now that the basics are clear of why there is a need for influencer marketing, especially for men’s fashion brands, it is time to look at some of the most reputed brands that are eyeing fashion influencers for their promotions:

  1. Nena Me Ama

Nena Me Ama is loosely translated to the slang” Sahwaty loves me”. The brand is as unique as its name. The brand is based out of Atlanta and is one of the coolest men’s fashion brands. It specializes in making chic streetwear. Their best-selling product is their penguins wearing diamond necklaces. Their out-of-the-box prints catch your eyeballs when you wear them on the street. They have an exclusive range of pullovers, hoodies, tees, and joggers for boys. What’s more, they are also working on expanding and bringing the same coolness to women’s streetwear.

They have an impressive influencer program in which they are looking for stylish influencers with a flair for streetwear. Influencers who can make streetwear look high-end and trendy. The influencers selected for the sponsorship will receive a whopping 30 percent of the commission on the total sales made through their link. Go on and sign up for their influencer marking program now.

  1. Herb Stitch

Talk about an unconventional sustainable brand. The textile industry alone is responsible for significant environmental damage. The amount of freshwater that is wasted to manufacture fabric is beyond imagination. It also contributes to landfills and energy depletion. We have just this planet to live on and leave for the next generation. How about choosing men’s fashion brands to ensure the Earth is taken care of? Herb stitch is one such conscious fashion brand primarily dedicated to men. 

They use hemp to make their products instead of cotton. What does it do, you might ask? Here’s the answer, hemp is more sustainable, is four times stronger than cotton fiber, and is equally comfortable. This timeless line of eco-friendly shirts is made from hemp fabric, moisture-wicking, thermoregulating, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and UV resistant. Do you want to know the best part? For each t-shirt sold, Herb Stitch will plant 10 trees.

They are interested in collaborating with micro-influencers who are passionate about streetwear and have at least 2500 followers on social media platforms. The selected influencer will get free products and a 15 percent commission on their sales through their link.

  1. QMARI

Now on the table is a men’s fashion label, which is comparatively new in the market but no less competent. The brand is established in Austen and is about comfort and premium Turkish cloth. Turkey is reputed to produce incredibly soft, long-lasting, and comfortable cloth. The Austin-based company QMARI is reinventing comfort in men’s clothing.

All QMARI t-shirts have the brand’s logo embroidered, which instantly improves their appeal. Let’s examine the specifications set forth by QMARI for their influencer program.

All male influencers must be citizens of the United States of America and be between the ages of 16 and 50. This is so because QMARI considers this group of people to be their ideal clientele. The influencers should have at least 1000 loyal followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

It’s time to consider the advantages now: Influencers that meet QMARI’s requirements for selection will get a pay-per-post promotion of up to $50.Influencers will also receive a 15% commission on all purchases through the link they offer.

In conclusion

Fashion is a competitive universe, even more, brutal for men’s fashion brands. With more brands catering to their male customers, it is now high time for fashion influencers and brands to unite and make waves in the men’s fashion world. 

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