Knee Replacement Surgery: A Brief Overview

Knee Replacement Surgery: A Brief Overview

Knee Replacement Surgery, Our knees are some of the most important parts of our body that enable us to stand, walk, run, jump, and perform other daily activities. Severe knee pain can make life a living hell for some by confining their mobility and limiting their lifestyle. If you are looking for a joint pain doctor near me to discuss your surgical options, here are a few things that you must know about knee replacement surgeries in general.

What Is A Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement (also known as knee arthroplasty) is a surgical procedure wherein a medical surgeon replaces damaged cartilage and bone from the knee joint with an artificial joint. The artificial knee joint (prosthesis) is made of alloys, polymers, or high-end plastics. This surgical procedure is usually employed when all the other traditional treatment methods have been exhausted. It significantly reduces pain, discomfort, and disability. We can categorize knee replacement surgeries into three types: total, partial and bilateral.

Knee Replacement: When & Why Would You Need Them?

The most common reason for knee replacement surgery is to alleviate the severe pain of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of knee arthritis that causes pain and disability. In some critical cases, osteoarthritis might even render you immobile for life. Other conditions requiring surgical intervention might include trauma, post-injury arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. Studies show that over 95% of individuals who undergo knee replacement surgery have reduced pain and alleviated symptoms.

Knee Replacement: Why Should You Consider This Surgery?

Reduced Pain:

  1. The unbearable pain inflicted by arthritis can make life very difficult. Knee replacement surgeries can help alleviate the debilitating pain, discomfort, and stiffness. It also aims at regaining the utility of the knees – some of the most significant body parts that allow us to move freely.

Enhanced Mobility:

  1. Arthritis makes life miserable and pathetic as it can prevent you from performing normal activities (such as standing and walking). It can severely reduce mobility and instill a sense of confinement. Complete recovery from knee replacement will enable you to once again perform low-impact activities like walking, swimming, biking, etc. However, it would help if you avoid high-impact activities like running and jumping.

High Success Rates:

  1. Knee replacements are some of the most common surgical procedures performed across the globe. It enjoys high success rates, with over 90% of patients feeling satisfied with their improvements. Although there is no age restriction on undergoing this procedure, your knee replacement surgeon will ultimately decide the treatment plan. High success rates also correspond to high satisfaction rates among patients.

Common & Safe:

  1. Knee replacements are extremely common surgical procedures that are entirely safe. Knee surgeons perform these surgeries almost daily. Studies have shown that less than 2% of people experience severe complications post-surgery. Although recovery takes time and patience, the final results are always satisfactory.

Recovery & Treatment Response:

  1. Patients respond wonderfully to recovery post-surgery. Your knee replacement surgeon will provide you with specific guidelines for rehabilitation. The recovery period varies hugely based on age, severity, and other factors. Doctors usually advise slowly and steadily increasing activity, starting with a low-impact walking program. On average, we can note a brilliant recovery response from most patients.

Path To Normalcy & Vigor:

  1. The procedure considerably improves your ability to perform daily activities, which seemed almost impossible pre-surgery. You could perform daily tasks like walking and standing as before. And for older people, it often leads to a renewed sense of vigor, independence, and satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Knee replacement surgeries are thus extremely safe, enjoying high success and satisfaction rates. Patients undergoing knee replacements showed marked improvements in pain, mobility, and quality of life. All the necessary information is available online if you are looking for the best joint pain doctor near me. Wait no more and book your appointment with a top knee specialist immediately.

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