Line drawing ideas

Line drawing ideas

Line drawing ideas, The lines are at the base of each drawing, and, in this article, the Team will take you everything you need to know the ropes and how it attracts correctly. The drawing lines may not be as simple as it seems at first sight. The line in works of art should be smooth and beautiful as a beautiful and correct position of art consists only of constituting such lines. Create outline lines, fill the shadows and pull smothers. Your drawings will become more expressive and convincing if you learn to create beautiful lines.

The lines are different.

The lines are different. You can shoot a straight, curved, or winding line. Whatever the line, it should be as pure and clean as possible. For example, a straight line, like an arrow, and a tight, like a rope, should be straight. With a quick movement of the hand, you can create such lines. However, continuous training is required for these lines to be completely smooth every time.

The line you will shoot.

If the line you draw is long, it can be composed of several shorter lines. However, you must make sure the lines are connected evenly and feel that this is a solid line. Until you learn to create straight lines, you must first target several movements through the air, then create the line provided with a right and fast movement.

Drawing lines

When you draw lines, you must keep the pencil correctly. The Team says this important ability in an earlier article called a pencil. There are many exercises to practice sketch line technology. For example, you can highlight many points on a sheet and sketch the exact and straight lines between them. Try sketching lines with fast and slow movements. In addition, they can draw curvature lines with different thicknesses.

Another exercise for exercise

You can also try another exercise to form the morality of the lines. Next, draw some additional lines on the already drawn line. You must ensure that all lines are located simultaneously and just as straight and identical. You can do such an exercise with a curved line art drawing. Try to draw a long curved line and repeat it several times. Try to follow the line previously drawn as precisely as possible.

Create the drawing of the outline

However, the line produces contours in the drawing and can transmit volume and perspective. If you see the drawings of the Masters of the Visual Arts, you can see that the lines are not identical in thickness. The line can be thick in a place, then become thinner, almost disappear, and become thick again—these changes in the thickness of the lines help large and more realistic drawings. Let’s take a closer look at the properties of the rows, which help represent the volume and depth in the drawing.

A line with sharper edges

The thicker lines seem closer to being thinner. This effect is founded on the law of linear visibility, which consists of approaching objects that approach us. The dark lines seem closer to us, like a light. On the other hand, this property is based on the laws of the stirred view, which consists of lightning and losing more remote objects. A line with sharper edges appears closer to us, like a blurred line.

As you can see, the spatial effects of lines are based on tourist sites.

Volume and perspective.

However, the line can show the volume, perspective, and object type. With the benefit of clear lines and strong hubs, for example, you can transmit the severity of the character you draw and, with the use of rounded lines, on the contrary, the sweetness of the essence. They often met this technique in Disney Caricatures. The diabolic signs are often represented with angular lines, while positive characters have more rounded lines.

Movement and texture.

In addition, the line can transmit the movement and texture of the displayed objects. With solid and fésgal lines, you can share the graph’s speed and dynamics. With the support of smooth lines, you can transmit the sweetness of the image and the tranquility of your works of art. Let’s take a deep breath. There are tens of thousands of years. Lines were a way to transfer a visual image and share significant knowledge. With the help of drawings created with lines, our ancestors have shown the hunting process and other daily activities. These drawings for subsequent generations were some old study guides.

Old lines of Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians used lines to portray their rites on the walls, and the ancient Greeks inserted lines on tonic vessels with epic.

As an artist, we need to use the experience of previous generations and with the help of really cool art lines. And to learn that, practice as often as possible, read the articles, and draw the tutorials created by the team, especially for you.

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