List of the Most Beautiful Engagement Rings of Celebrities

There is something about celebrities popping the question that gets deep in our emotions. Is it because of the ups and downs that come with celebrity relationships? Is it perhaps due to our lack of understanding as to what could happen next? Or is it simply natural butterflies in the stomach, caused by them? 

All we know is that they steal our hearts every time they eventually pop the question. 

As we know, going down on one knee won’t be complete without a ring. This display of elegance is where we are all left bemused with jaw-dropping stones and rocks. Nobody plays the jewelry game better than these A-list lovers. With the high amount they spend on engagement rings, you will wonder what the wedding ring will cost.

In turn, celebrities have taken lab-grown diamonds and ran with them. Not only are they eco-friendly but they also don’t put a dent in your wallet. With the help of celebrities, lab-grown diamonds have become more popular than ever. 

One celebrity who is a big fan of lab-grown diamonds is Emma Watson. She was seen wearing a pair of Vrai & Oro earrings that were crafted from recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. She also wore a lovely Ana Katarina recycled gold sapphire cuff and a ring and bracelet by Ana Khour. Watson is just one example of how celebrities are taking eco-friendly fashion to the next level by inspiring us to buy lab-grown diamonds.

But that’s not the case for all celebrities, of course. For this reason, We’ve compiled some jaw-dropping celebrity engagement rings in this article. 

Jennifer Lopez 

J.Lo is one music star you can call the “Queen of Diamonds” in engagement rings. 

Her diamond ring journey started in 1997 when she got her first engagement ring from Ojani Noa. It was a fine-shaped diamond stone that cost around $20,000 then. Although they separated after a year of marriage, these diamonds will still not lose their elegance.

The Ojani ring seems to have set the ball rolling for an influx of diamond rings. 

The second beautiful stone that makes up this collection includes a pink 6.10-carat diamond ring given by Ben Affleck. The Harry Winston diamond cut was estimated to cost around $1.2 million.

Another one that left us musing was the emerald diamond engagement ring given to her by Alex Rodriguez in 2019. The diamond ring was a massive 15 carat and reported to cost up to $3 million. 

The latest is the green diamond from Ben Affleck for the second time. This rare gem is reported to cost way over $5 million and weighs 8.5 carats. 

The “If You Had My Love” singer is said to have received a total of six diamond engagement rings. The rain of diamond rings can only signify how her men pamper and cherish her. 

Kim Kardashian

The reality TV star is regarded as the queen of the Kardashians family. She is also one celeb who has gotten a fine stone for engagement.


Her first engagement ring from Kanye West was a blast. It was reported to cost around $1.5 million and weigh a massive 15 carats. The fine oval-shaped stone was made by her favorite jewelry designer, Lorraine Swatchz. Fast forward to 2016, Kanye West decided to upgrade the engagement. This time it was a 20 carats diamond ring that cost a staggering $4 million, according to reports. Lorraine Swatchz also designed it. The diamond was said to be flawless and awarded a D color.

However, there were reports that the second diamond was stolen in Paris. But Kim remains one of the celebrities with an expensive diamond ring.


Jay Z gifted the music star an emerald-cut diamond in 2008. These types of diamonds are rare but have some respect and elegance attached. The famous Lorraine Swatchz designed the 18-carat huge and flawless rock. 

The engagement ring is estimated to cost $5 million. Emerald-cut diamonds are said to be costly because of their scarcity. They are so rare that one can search the whole jewelry market and still not find one of them.

This fine stone is one of the jaw-dropping engagement rings you will see. However, it was later reported that the music star did not want an engagement. 

Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) popped the question in a grand style. It was a mystery, unique, and beautiful to behold. The double stone jewelry is reported to cost around $400,000 and weighs about 4 carats. 


MGK later revealed the sentimental meaning behind the mysterious two stones. He said it symbolized two halves of obscure hearts joined together. It is said to hurt when it is removed.

Stephen Webster designed the green and white stones.

Serena Williams

Another emerald-cut diamond wonder was that of Serena Williams. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian popped the question to the Tennis star with a 12-carat emerald cut diamond ring.

The three-stone diamond set on a platinum band shows elegance and luxury.  

The most incredible thing was the announcement of the ring. Instead of the usual Instagram announcement, the Tennis star decided to opt for Reddit. 

The beautiful stone cost about $ 2million and places the 22 grand slams winner among celebrities with the most expensive engagement rings.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande received a beautiful Toi et Moi ring from her now-husband Dalton Gomez. The oval-shaped diamond on a gold stand has a single pearl. 

It is reported to weigh around 7 carats and cost about $350,000. 

The “7 Rings” singer received the jewelry after agreeing to spend forever with her man, Dalton Gomez. She then took to Instagram to make the groundbreaking announcement.

Kourtney Kardashian

As we all know, the Kardashians are pacesetters in the game of fine jewelry. Their high class may be why they are always lavished with one when it comes to engagement rings.

Another Kardashian to get an oval-shaped diamond for an engagement is Kourtney. Travis Barker gave it to her in front of the Pacific Ocean with a romantic display of red roses.

The beautiful stone is estimated to cost up to $1 million and weigh roughly 12 carats.

Final Takeaway

The list of celebrities with “heavenly made” diamonds continues. 

One thing is that they make each of these already famous women unique. From the shape of the cut to the setting, they add class to these women.

For the average person, these diamonds are quite expensive. But if you want to make that moment memorable, you can always look for a lab-created diamond.

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