Mellow Mushroom Franchise Opportunity

Mellow Mushroom is an American pizza restaurant chain. It was founded in 1974 and is a franchise owned by Home Grown Industries, Inc. of Georgia. The company currently operates over 200 locations in the United States. The company headquarters is located in Atlanta. Read on to learn more about this pizza chain. We also discuss Franchise opportunities and its Characters. You’ll want to visit one of their locations and experience their tasty pizzas!


Mellow Mushroom’s marketing campaign revolves around a digital microsite and a social media team that will bring the characters to life. The characters, Herb, Carnie, and the other burgers from the brand will be introduced to customers through a variety of different ways, such as a mad-lib dream trip story telling game, a Burger Buddies quiz, and a photo-sharing Instagram campaign.

The Mellow Mushroom is a popular animated character, with a fun and artsy atmosphere. The cartoon character is a yellow, humanoid mushroom that lives on the Mellow Mushroom Mothership. The brand has incorporated the character into its logo and other marketing materials. The zany characters have appeared on a variety of merchandise. Mel, the main character, and Dude Shroomington have also appeared on a variety of marketing materials. The character page in the website was modeled after a fountain drink machine and featured four games. Another feature of the website was a Mel-Locator, which showed the location of Mellow Mushroom locations. The New Site, however, replaced this feature. However, the site had few downloads.


The Mellow Mushroom’s menu focuses on pizza, but it also offers other healthy options like salads and sandwiches. It also has vegan and gluten-free options. You can even check the nutritional information for the items on the menu before you decide to order. This restaurant’s website has an online nutrition calculator that will help you determine how much of a certain food contains. For people who are on a diet, the menu also includes a gluten-free crust option.

The classic burger at Mellow Mushroom has 820 calories and contains 16g of saturated fat. It also has 48g of carbohydrates and 18g of protein. The burger also contains a large serving of sodium. For dessert, you can choose a chocolate truffle sauce, vanilla ice cream, or whipped cream. The entire menu is suitable for both children and adults. You can also have a drink at Mellow Mushroom.

The menu at Mellow Mushroom features a variety of tasty options. You can get stone-baked pizza with spring water crust, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and calzones. There are also vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant also serves salads and appetizers. Whether you’re a foodie or a beer lover, you’ll find a beer to suit your palate at Mellow Mushroom. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of branded merchandise, including T-shirts and mugs.

The menu at Mellow Mushroom restaurants can vary by location. Prices listed here are based on various sources. Since these are updated frequently, they may not be accurate. Furthermore, they may not be applicable to all locations of a given business brand. If you’re planning to visit a Mellow Mushroom restaurant in your area, please consult the menu first. You’ll be glad you did! The menu is updated regularly.

The Ultimate Mellow pizza features caramelized onions, mozzarella, and pepperoni. It also comes with honey ham, applewood-smoked bacon, and sliced mushrooms. The pizza is topped with Mellow red sauce and a side of Roma tomatoes. Guests can also choose a pizza with more mozzarella and more mushrooms. You can even choose from a variety of sides, from salads to burgers and sandwiches. Whether you’re looking for a simple meal or a full-blown feast, you’ll find the perfect dish at Mellow.


You’ve probably noticed that there are three locations of Mellow Mushroom in middle Tennessee. While you’ve probably visited them all, the one in Murfreesboro has closed its doors. The restaurant has also disappeared from social media and its website. A spokesperson from the corporate offices has not responded to inquiries regarding the closure. In the meantime, you can try to find them in Aiken, Evans, and Greenville.

There are 13 locations of Mellow Mushroom in the US, and you can easily find them by looking at the map. The website also lists gps coordinates of each location, as well as phone numbers and reviews. The website also offers information on customer reviews for each store, and you can even rate each store on the website. However, if you’d prefer to visit a Mellow Mushroom outside of Georgia, you can check out their website.

If you’re looking for an Atlanta-based restaurant with a great atmosphere and delicious food, consider Mellow Mushroom. The first location opened in Atlanta in 1974 and is now the largest restaurant in the city. It has locations in the surrounding counties, and plans to open more in the future. Its pizza is known for its southern, stone-baked style, and it’s not an attempt to mimic the famous Chicago and New York styles. It’s also possible that the restaurant’s marketing will make you think of cannabis, or at least lean toward the 4/20 culture. Regardless of what you think of the company, you’ll be glad you made the choice to try a Mellow Mushroom.

The concept is unique. The Mellow Mushroom concept is based on creativity, uniqueness, and fun. If you’re looking for the ultimate pizza in the South, then look no further than Mellow Mushroom. You can bet that your favorite Mellow Mushroom is close by.

Franchise opportunities

If you are looking for a profitable restaurant franchise opportunity, you may want to consider a Mellow Mushroom. This brand has become very popular in recent years, and has been around for a decade. The cost to open a Mellow Mushroom restaurant is between $1,624,000 and $2,591,000. To get started, you will need to save between $78,000 and $88,000 for the franchise fee, as well as make sure you have the financial capacity to meet the startup costs. The franchise fee is due at the time of signing the franchise agreement, and includes a development rights rider.

There are several benefits to owning a Mellow Mushroom restaurant. The company offers comprehensive training for its franchisees. Franchise owners are required to spend three weeks at the company’s headquarters and a further three weeks in their location.

During training, applicants will learn the basics of mellow business practices and management. They will also get hands-on experience in the Atlanta restaurant and in a test kitchen. The training will teach them about payroll, employee management, and basic restaurant operations. Franchisees are given on-site training for the first two weeks of operation. If you are able to complete the training, you will be ready to open your own Mellow Mushroom restaurant.

The initial franchise fee of a Mellow Mushroom restaurant is approximately $5,000. However, this may vary by state and city. It also covers architectural and civil engineering fees. You may also have to purchase marketing materials from the company. If you do decide to open a Mellow Mushroom restaurant, it is important to keep in mind that the company will cover these costs. This is the best way to get started in the restaurant industry.

The Mellow Mushroom brand has been in business for over 35 years and is known for its delicious pizza and other foods. As part of its expansion plans, Mellow Mushroom has a national rewards program and is looking for people who are free thinkers and love pizza. The company has simplified the process of opening a Mellow Mushroom pizzeria so that it can be successful for the new franchisee. In addition to the rewards and incentives, the company also offers a great franchisee experience.

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