Modern Celebrities in Famous Paintings

One of the finest ways to fit in some cultures when visiting far-off destinations is to visit the local art gallery. Artwork that portrays the daily activities of our ancestors is always fascinating, and one aspect that always sticks out is how little humans have changed throughout the years. Apart from evolving norms and styles, individuals continue to appear like humans.

That may be the reason why occasionally someone finds a portrait at an art gallery that seems more than a little bit familiar. In reality, occasionally, individuals discover their exact twin, often known as a doppelganger, hanging on a museum wall. These portraits are of people who may have lived hundreds of years before we did, yet they appear to be us.

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Here are several famous portraits that look like present celebs. There is no disputing how strikingly like these contemporary celebrities are to their counterparts in historical paintings. The similarities are so uncanny that we are beginning to doubt the reality of time travel.

Johnny Depp resembles Gustave Courbet’s “The Desperate Man”

Like many of his early works, this eerie picture is a self-portrait of the artist. However, Courbet was free to forge his own distinct aesthetic as his own subject.

The unkempt brown hair, shadowy eyes, and beard quickly remind me of Johnny Depp, who’s recognized for his trademark lifestyle, imitating Courbet. The similarity is so striking that a Google search for phrases like “one assumes Gustave Courbet and Johnny Depp are identical twins” brings up interesting results. Thus, the resemblance linking one to the other intrigues.

Dakota Fanning resembles Hans Holbein the Younger’s “Portrait of Mary Zouch”

Although the woman’s identity in Holbein’s chalk picture is unknown, several features, particularly the eyes and lips, resemble actress Dakota Fanning.

The Renaissance artist Holbein, often known as “the Younger” to distinguish himself from his famous father, painted for several English nobility, including Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell. It begs whether the Fannings are related to the British aristocracy.

Adam Driver resembles Amedeo Modigliani’s “Portrait of Soutine.”

A sequence in the horror movie “It” from last year was inspired by a photo by Modigliani that was strangely stretched and put together. This artwork by Chaim Soutine, a Modigliani classmate, and fellow artist, is far less ominous than the frightening woman playing the flute who terrorizes Stan. He resembles Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren, quite a bit, thanks to his distinctive features and long black hair.

Amy Schumer resembles the wife in Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” in terms of appearance

Although the lady in Wood’s painting, one of the most well-known works of American art from the 20th century, is older and frailer than Schumer, there is an uncanny resemblance in the cheekbones and eyes that we can’t help but notice. His sister Nan served as Wood’s real-life model for the feminine form. The character was based on his dentist.

Keanu Reeves resembles the subject in Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel’s artwork “Paul Mounet”

There is a valid explanation why Paul Mounet’s portrait by Monvel and Reeves is identical to one another. Mounet, shown in the artwork as 27 and 28 years old, looks somewhat like a young Keanu Reeves.

Jessica Chastain resembles the character from John William Waterhouse’s “The Soul of the Rose”

John William Waterhouse is well-known for his romanticist works, mostly depicting stunning ladies from myth and history brought to vivid life in dreamy pastel hues.

The character in “The Soul of the Rose” may just as quickly be Jessica Chastain, even if she isn’t a famous historical or literary person. The picture accurately depicts Chastain down to her milky white skin and milky cheekbones and conjures up memories of her incredibly calming and grounded presence.

Rupert Grint resembles the self-portrait of Sir David Wilkie.

Actor Rupert Grint is commonly confused for musician Ed Sheeran (both are British redheads). He does, however, have another likeness, and this one is from a few decades earlier. The Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie, seen here, is well renowned for his royal portraits and genre scenes (he was Principal Painter in Ordinary to King William IV and Queen Victoria).

David Wilkie, a Scottish painter, was well-known for his historical portraits. In this self-portrait, he appears to be approximately 20 years old, around the same age as Grint when he appeared in the final “Harry Potter” film. Wilkie and Grint have identical lips and eyes, excluding the red hair.

Jean Reno resembles Lucian Freud’s picture “Reflection”

It’s challenging to look at this Lucian Freud self-portrait without seeing French actor Jean Reno, arguably best known for his part in Luc Besson’s “Léon: The Professional” and who has complex chiseled features. Although Reno doesn’t look much like Freud in real life, a resemblance was created somewhere in the translation of the mediums.

Drew Barrymore resembles Leonardo da Vinci’s “La Scapigliata”

There’s a good reason why the Drew Barrymore movie “Ever After” featured this renowned photo, albeit significantly changed. The actress resembles Leonardo da Vinci’s muse in actuality.

Though the picture’s narrative was extended into a fictitious story about Cinderella in that film, the producers made an excellent choice. The two women may be long-lost relatives, given their delicate looks and charming smiles.


Fans and admirers frequently compare the celebrities in question, but art experts and historians can also make them. The resemblance is so uncanny sometimes that it’s impossible to ignore. Moreover, these modern celebrities have a timeless quality that makes them look like they could have stepped right out of a painting, whether it’s due to a specific facial feature or a certain quality of expression. So, the next time you’re admiring a piece of art, keep an eye out for celebrity doppelgangers that may be hiding in plain sight.

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