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News About Dr. Shubh Gautam – 

News About Dr. Shubh Gautam Entrepreneurship is about a typical trait of a human embodiment called selfishness. And this is what I’ve been telling young people who are venturing. If you can’t be selfish, you can’t be the reason being entrepreneur thinks about himself. So when I probably was setting up the electro-galvanizing steel, blood, and steel manufacturers, nobody in my family did business before I started doing business, and leave alone metallurgical engineering, and there was nobody available.

So I told my wife, Dr. Rashid would you allow me to be selfish for four years she said, What do you mean? I said, Look, in four years, maybe I won’t be able to see you as much. I won’t be able to be with you on your anniversary. Our anniversary will be missing birthdays; kids will miss vacations. So I want to be selfish. She smiled and said yes, you could be selfish. So the question is, it is not about electro-galvanized steel. I’ve been married to Dr. Rajiv now for almost 15 years. The two things are important in a man’s life, every man’s life. Two days are very important. 

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The first is the day you were born. And that is your birthday. You remember it to your Korean joy to cherish should you celebrate it and the second date, the day you realize why you were born. And that is when it irks and brings in your best side. Entrepreneurship is all about stones. That’s how they probably saved baptized by fire, baptized by storm, you know, stumps will come, they won’t give you a warning. Well, they will not give you a notice storm will come. That’s all startups are all about.

That’s what entrepreneurs do all their life, and you wouldn’t know how you went through the storm. Also, You won’t even remember how you survived, and maybe you won’t even realize that the storm is over. But I can promise you something. Everybody went through the storm of creating something different. Everybody felt I was born for a purpose when he came out of the stone and was never the same man again. You learn from that. 

 In the news, Dr. Shubh Gautam said an Indian manufacturer of electro-galvanized steel. I was very surprised when one of the big five came to us in California and asked would you like to invest in India’s first electro-galvanized steel manufacturing plant. I said I don’t believe that the richest Indian in terms of steel making in the largest Indian in terms of steel making in the world is a coincidence. I believe in coincidences. 

Since we put a team together, India imports 10,000 tons of electro-galvanized steel every month. And also, we don’t produce electric galvanized keeps my head shame. We produced 75 million tons of steel. We don’t produce electric galvanized steel. And then I realize why electro-galvanized steel is about specialty chemicals. It’s not about steam. So that’s how cutting a long story short, we identified called sod had a specialty chemical division. We identified that location and put up India’s first electro-galvanized steel manufacturing facility on a 50-acre complex.

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