People who were alleged to be Satoshi Nakamoto

A primary mystery in the cryptocurrency industry is the real identity of bitcoin’s founder. You can check Bitcoin Motion for a smoother trading experience, as it has the best trading techniques. Unfortunately, very little information is public about the real founder of bitcoin; some say Satoshi Nakamoto is an individual, and some say it is the name of an entire team or four multinational companies involved in the establishment of bitcoin. Before investing in bitcoins, you should check the crypto risk management challenges you might face while trading.

Samsung and Motorola were two of these multinational companies. Satoshi Nakamoto completely vanished from the bitcoin network after a short span of bitcoin’s inception. Some individuals were alleged to be Satoshi Nakamoto; let’s found about these people.

Satoshi Nakamoto:

Nakamoto Satoshi is the individual and the team alleged to be the real founder of bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto was given this person based on the Japanese name and part of his identity. He was the first person to ever create a cryptocurrency in 2009. Although it is believed that he disappeared in 2010, his bitcoin account still has a positive balance of 1.1 million BTC, almost hundreds of billion dollars.

6 Major People who were alleged to be Satoshi Nakamoto

Nick Szabo: He is an American computer scientist known as a digital currency pioneer and an expert in secure systems and blockchain technologies. He was the leading developer of bit gold, considered a direct precursor of bitcoin.

His works in research fields were promising, and he used to post his blogs and articles on “Unenumerated,” a blog he maintained himself. Many people believe that he is the real founder of Bitcoin.

Roger Ver: He has been associated with bitcoin since its early days, he is considered to be Bitcoin’s first investor,  but according to him, he was just an early investor in bitcoin. He is a software developer and businessman.

Craig Steven Wright: Famous as “Satoshi Nakamoto,” He is the director of technology at a blog publishing company called “Wright Stuff.” He has been using this identity since 2011. He has been associated with the Australian bitcoin community since 2012; he is said to be an Australian man in his mid-40s who grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

In 2014 he applied for the job of Deputy Governor of the Rhodesian Central Bank but was rejected, even though he stated in his application that he had a doctorate in physics and mathematics from the University of Cambridge in England. He is a mystery man; it is still unclear if he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

During a meeting with some of the bitcoin members, Craig Wright and his wife explained the bitcoin origins by showing some signature samples when compared to Satoshi’s signature is matched. According to him, he worked on it from 2007 to 2010 as a hobby project along with his colleague and friend Dave Klein, who went missing after the publication of a research paper in which they declared their identity as Bitcoin founders.

Ming Li and David Kleiman: A research paper was published in 2013 which claimed that two people, “Ming Li” and “David Kleiman,” were the founder of Bitcoin. Both the names were used by a legendary internet hoaxer, “Dave Kleiman,” who has been involved with bitcoin since 2008; he used to run a blog in which he posted about bitcoin breakthroughs. Unfortunately, he disappeared after the publication of that research paper.

Dorian Nakamoto: A Japanese man named Dorian Nakamoto, who is said to be the son of the creator of bitcoin, was featured in the news published by Gizmodo and The Economist. He was alleged to be the real founder of Bitcoin who was interested in bitcoin from when he was a child, he told the media. He published some articles in Japanese news media before this and denied it later, saying that all of these were hoaxes.


It is unclear if bitcoin was created by a person or a group of people; Satoshi Nakamoto is such an entity that will be alive in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency industry. Many people were said to be the real founder of bitcoin, but there is no credible evidence that can conclude them as the real founder. After a short span of bitcoin’s inception, the bitcoin founder just disappeared.

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