Pros and Cons of the Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebook

Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebooks are laptops that run on Google’s Chrome OS, not Windows or macOS. They have their pros and cons, like anything else. But if you’re looking for something affordable and functional in an attractive package, you can’t go wrong with the Google Pixelbook Chromebook. Keep reading to learn more about this laptop!

Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebook Overview

The Google Pixelbook 12in Chromebook is a well-built machine with plenty of power and speed to get the job done. Suppose you’re looking for a smaller, less expensive laptop that still packs plenty of punch. This may be the Chromebook for you. Check out Google’s larger sibling, if storage space isn’t an issue, which comes in at nearly twice as much cost but doubles the storage space.

Lightweight Design

The Google Pixelbook is a bit smaller than most laptops on the market. Making it easy to carry in a backpack or briefcase. At just 1.1 pounds, it’s easy to take anywhere! It also has a good battery life of 8 hours, allowing you to work for long periods without needing to plug in for extra power.

Google Pixelbook 12in Powerful Hardware

With a quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of flash storage. You won’t be left wanting when it comes to power, whether you’re streaming 4K video or processing large graphics files. This device can handle anything you throw at it with ease. The battery is also quite impressive – with a 7-hour life on a single charge.

Great Battery Life

The battery life on your laptop is one of its most important features because there’s nothing worse than having a device die on you when you need it most. Luckily, if you get a Chromebook like Google’s Pixelbook (which is pretty much guaranteed to have solid battery life), that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Keyboard Feels Great in Hand

The backlit keyboard on the Pixelbook is much easier to type on than on other Chromebooks. It’s not quite as full-sized as some. but it feels great in the hand while being more portable than a larger keyboard.

Includes Stylus Pen

Use your fingers or a stylus pen to take notes, draw pictures, or swipe through screens. The Pixelbook has an optional pressure-sensitive stylus that feels like a pencil when writing on paper.

Pricing & Buying Options

The Google Pixelbook 12 starts at $999 for a 128GB model. But with more storage capacity available in 16GB to 256GB options. At the same time, you can purchase from online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo Video. It’s also sold in-store at Best Buy stores and select Micro Center locations.

The newest Model is Coming Out Soon

With CES coming up in January, we can expect a new release from Google within the next few months.

Google Pixelbook 12in Final Thoughts

The Google Pixelbook is a solid machine for buying a premium-quality laptop that won’t break the bank. The product has plenty of power to run pretty much any program you throw at it. It also has an impressive 12-hour battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging it all day.
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