RC Car Batteries: All You Need To Know

There is a common misconception that all batteries are comparable and similar. They may have the same capacities and compatibilities and similar appearance, yet they differ in performance and quality. The ideal one for your RC car can be difficult to choose, but there are some provided tips to assist you.

All the elements in an RC, along with the model of nitro power, require a battery. However, it is understood that an engine has worn off gasoline; the fundamentals claim that batteries are still necessary. The passion for a hobby is just incredible. This will help you gain knowledge of modern technologies, like RC car batteries. To gauge the complexity of a battery, you must educate yourself on the types of batteries available in the market and their uses. Keep reading to unravel the information on  RC car batteries.

Types Of Batteries


The NiMH batteries are suitable for very selected devices. For instance, any ready-to-run product or model will use NiMH batteries. This is because  Nickel-metal made devices are affordable, convenient, and hassle-free. Despite all these pros, they come with a con of less durability as compared to a LiPo battery.


A LiPo battery is known for its durability. This is because of its high capacity and excellent Voltage. As a result, it accelerates the power in the RC models. It also evolves the propensity of the Voltage. However, LiPo has specific areas for improvement, like it is expensive and requires maintenance.

Some of the examples of a LiPo model are:

  • 8V 5000 Capacity 4S Voltage 50C LiPo, EC5
  • 1V 5000mAh 3S 100C Smart Hardcase LiPo Battery: IC5
  • Smart G2 Power stage Bundle for Surface 4S
  • 2V 5600mAh 6S 80C: EC5

Key Considerations

To choose a particular battery, you must have two significant aspects of the battery,i.e., Voltage and capacity. There could be repercussions if the wrong RC car batteries are used.


Regarding Voltage, most models are compatible to a certain extent. However, your RC car is built to absorb a specific amount of Voltage and nothing more. If used over the capacity of the Voltage, the model will suffer severe damage.


To understand the Voltage of your battery, check the indicators. The higher number represents the milliamp hour capacity. The RC car will perform faster if your device’s maH is higher. Ultimately, it is necessary to understand that higher charges will help RC cars work faster.

Charging Instructions

  • Remember to use LiPo batteries with the same chargers and vice versa with NiMH batteries. Otherwise, the LiPo batteries tend to catch fire.
  • If your charging connector differs from the adapter, please purchase the accurate one.
  • To be completely precautious, use an inflammable charging bag. This will help in reducing hazardous situations.
  • At the time of charging your RC car batteries, make sure you are in the same room. It is always preferred to keep an eye on any abnormal activities.


The best advice is to conduct testing and research before making a purchase. You must be prepared to make a financial commitment to buy because different brands will have varying price tags. Don’t get one that will cost you a lot later on.  The performance of the battery, not its price, determines its quality. Do independent testing, consider battery setup, and inspect the connectors.

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