Secret TikTok Hacks You Regret not Knowing Sooner

Since TikTok’s advent in 2016, the platform has grown exponentially. The level of talent on this platform is mind-blowing, and the wide range of features makes it easy for creators to create high-quality content. But if you are new to this platform and stuck using only its basic features, you are not getting the most out of this platform. Scroll down to discover some of the hidden hacks of TikTok that you have been missing out on.

Decide When Text will Appear and Disappear.

There might be instances when you want to add Text at a specific point in your video. Luckily, you can do this easily. You must create a text box on TikTok by clicking the icon with the two As. Then, tap on the next text box and choose Duration. Click Done after you have entered the Text.

You will notice a new screen with the frames from your video and the bottom. Drag and drop the beginning and end of the red bar to decide where you wish the Text to show up and for how long. When you’re happy with your selection, you need to tick the checkmark. After this, your Text will appear at a specific point in your video when you want it to appear. Furthermore, you can set the Duration for individual text elements you have added to create a truly unique TikTok video.

Download TikTok Videos

You might want to download videos to edit and share them on other platforms or to watch them later. If you wonder how to download TikTok videos, you can save them using the native feature of the application. You must launch the application and play the video you wish to download. Then, tap or click on the Share icon and choose Save Video. It would be best if you waited a few seconds to let the video get saved on your camera roll.

Record a Voiceover or Vlog

Want to record a TikTok voiceover or vlog? You can film on the app and click Next to get to the posting screen. But instead of posting, you will start recording the screen. Ensure the microphone is on. You would want to turn down the volume on your phone, so you do not hear the audio from the TikTok recording while recording a voiceover.

When recording the screen, head back to the app and watch its preview. You can tap on the thumbnail. While watching the video, you can narrate what is happening, and your phone will record what you are saying and what is happening on your screen. Once you are done, you can close the preview and stop your screen recording.

Then, you have to open the screen recording to your camera roll. You can edit the video to trim the ending and beginning of the recording. Once satisfied with the changes, you can open the app and upload it.

Switch on Auto-Captions for Subtitles

Nobody is great at keeping up with spoken audio, and that’s where subtitles come to the rescue. Most TikTokers include their captions, but there are a fair share of videos without captions, making it difficult to understand, especially if the creator speaks quickly or has an unfamiliar accent. You can switch on the subtitles if you lack laser-sharp focus but want to note what’s being told in a TikTok video.

Thankfully, the app includes an auto-caption function, making it accessible for users who have attention deficits or are hard of hearing. You can activate this feature by pressing the Share button and clicking on Captions on the screen’s bottom. If you post a video, you can click the Captions button on the editing page.

Edit Clips while doing Transitions

Have you attempted to make a thirst trap before? It is critical to ensure that all the clips seamlessly align so that you can create a great transition video. However, this will take a bit of time to master this art.

Some popular transitions sandwich the after shots between the two before clips. However, you might not want to redo the makeover several times. Luckily, the app offers a handy function to TikTokers so they can easily edit the transitions once they are done filming.

You need to record the clips that you need and press the tick so you can start editing the video. Once this is done, press Adjust Clips and choose the video you wish to replace. Then, hit Start Over. So, this will help you to re-film the video in-between after you have finished.

The Bottom Line

Become a TikTok pro with these hacks, and you can flex your knowledge to your friends and followers. So, download the app, create an account and make the most of this platform.

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