Sourcegraph Series 2.6b Released: Here’s What’s New.

Sourcegraph is excited to announce the release of Sourcegraph Series 2.6b, which includes numerous updates and enhancements. This release includes new features and enhancements for the following products: – Sourcegraph Enterprise: This release includes enhancements to the performance, security, and usability of Sourcegraph Enterprise. – Sourcegraph Insights: This release includes enhancements to the performance and usability of Sourcegraph Insights dashboards. – Sourcegraph Connect: This release includes enhancements to the performance of Sourcegraph Connect, including faster loading times and support for large data sets. We hope you find these improvements helpful!

Sourcegraph 2.6b Released.

Sourcegraph 2.6b Released.

Today we released Sourcegraph 2.6 – our latest major update for the software. Here’s what’s new:

In this release, we’ve improved our annotation and collaboration features and added support for GitLab 13.3 and GitHub Enterprise 7.12. We’ve also made some general bug fixes and performance enhancements. Read on for more details!

Annotation and Collaboration Improvements

In this release, we’ve made several improvements to how annotations and collaborations work in Sourcegraph:

We’ve improved how annotations are rendered in the editor, making it easier to see what is being annotated and giving you more control over how annotations are displayed. You can now turn off any annotation type (except code snippets) by clicking the “Annotations” dropdown next to its icon in the editor toolbar.

You can now comment on individual lines or blocks of code using the new commenting feature built into Sourcegraph. Just hover your cursor over a line or block of code, click the comment icon next to your mouse pointer, type your comment, and press Enter/Return. Comments will be automatically saved with each revision of the attached file (unless you disable autosave comments).

What’s New in Sourcegraph 2.6b

In Sourcegraph 2.6b, we released a series of new features to help you easily navigate and work with your codebase. Here are the highlights:

– Navigate your codebase easily: We’ve added support for semantic zoom in GitLab and GitHub, so you can see your code at a granular level and jump to specific files or lines of code.

– Review commit history on the go: Our Commit History viewer now lets you review commits by author, committer, or tag. It is helpful if you want information about a particular change or branch.

– Find matching symbols across different files: Our Symbol Search feature now finds matching symbols across different files in your project. It is excellent for tracking down where specific functionality is used in your project.

– Easily find definitions in .cpp/.h files: Sourcegraph now warns you when it detects that a definition is not found in an included file and provides suggestions for where to find the definition.

What’s Dropped in Sourcegraph 2.6b

Dropped in Sourcegraph 2.6b

Today we released Sourcegraph series 2.6b decembermillertechcrunch, which includes several new features and enhancements.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

-Support for Git submodules (branch references, Branches view, and diffs): You can now see submodules in the repositories view, branch references in the branches view, and diffs for all changes in the repository. It makes it much easier to track dependencies and manage your codebase more effectively.

-Improved performance when navigating between files: We’ve made navigation faster by caching file lookup results in memory so that subsequent visits are faster. And if you’re working with large projects with many files, Sourcegraph will cache the entire repository so you can jump right to where you need to be without waiting for nodes to load.

-Customizable keyboard shortcuts: You can now customize your keyboard shortcuts to make working with Sourcegraph more efficient and comfortable. For example, you can hide specific nodes or sections of the interface or set up keyboard shortcuts that work specific tasks (like switching between file types).

Improvements to the User Interface

The new Sourcegraph Series. b release includes a redesigned user interface, better performance, and more features. Here’s what’s new:

1. A redesigned user interface that is faster and easier to use. The new design makes finding the information you need accessible, from source files to issues and PRs.

2. Improved performance. Series. b is now faster than ever, making it easier to navigate through your data and find the information you need.

3. More features! Series. b now includes support for viewing pull requests as cards, automatic sorting by contributors, and more.

Improvements to the Collaboration Feature

With the release of the Sourcegraph Series B, users can now collaborate on their projects with others more efficiently and collaboratively.

In addition to the updated user interface, several new features have been added to help make collaboration easier. These include:

-The ability to invite collaborators by email or URL

-Highlighting collaborators who have changed files recently

-A notification when a collaborator comments or updates a file

Improvements to the API

Our developers are hard at work on some improvements to the Sourcegraph API. This post summarises what’s new and briefly explains how to use it.

You can now search for files and users by their name or email address.

You can now create custom queries to find specific types of files, users, or issues.

We’ve also added support for the pagination and sorting of search results.

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