South Korea and Bitcoin- Fintech’s Newest Power Couple?

As bitcoin soared in 2020 and 2021, prominent investors were analyzing bitcoin’s disrupting performance in the financial market. Moreover, you will get live customer support.    In 2020, South Korea showed a positive stance towards cryptocurrency and bitcoin by introducing the legalization of a cryptocurrency exchange in the country. While South Korea accepted bitcoin, China developed its own cryptocurrency, and you may visit Altcoin Side Kick if you want to trade using the digital yuan.

Moreover, these platforms are now utterly regulated in South Korea, meaning no exchange can be bound to illegal activities or can scam people of Korea. Cryptocurrencies have become a popularized investment in South Korea. As a result, many bitcoin exchanges and cryptocurrency brokers are launched in the country.

South Koreans have been investing a lot of money into cryptocurrencies due to the rising popularity of bitcoin and other digital assets. As the surge in bitcoin price increased, it attracted many investors for trading. As a result, it increased the trading volume of most crypto exchanges.


Recently, South Korea has legalized crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies in the country for domestic and overseas investors. Due to this, many foreign investors are now looking toward trading in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin exchange platforms in South Korea. A study published by Blockchain Ventures found that out of all the cryptocurrency traders, 98 percent used their real names on exchanges.

Why Is Bitcoin Transaction Widely held In South Korea?

South Korean investors use their real names on cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bithumb, UpBit, Bithumb, and Korbit. According to the report, 76% of investors are men in their twenties. The primary purpose behind Korean investors investing in cryptocurrencies is for trading purposes. According to a report published by CoinDesk, 80 percent of traders find bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a better alternative than traditional bonds and stocks.

Is bitcoin a legal tender in South Korea?

The South Korean government has given a green signal for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be used as legal tender in the country. It became a significant milestone for the country’s crypto trading.  South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) announced last week that it would issue new guidelines to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges. According to reports, over 60,000 people are working on crypto exchanges and related services in South Korea.

Why is bitcoin mining so expensive in South Korea?

Due to the positive stance of the government of South Korea towards cryptocurrencies, many investors are now investing in digital assets. As a result, it has resulted in high demand for crypto mining hardware. Furthermore, the demand for mining equipment increased with the increasing popularity of bitcoin and other digital assets around the globe.

According to a report by CoinDesk, this increase in demand from retail traders and gaming devices has boosted global bitcoin mining operations. As a result, South Korean miners may be among those who have discovered that bitcoin mining was profitable in 2018. However, the price of electricity in South Korea is still much higher than in many other countries.

By posing the question of why bitcoin mining is so expensive in South Korea, you can assume that South Koreans are among the top investors in bitcoin mining and computers. It is because of the creation of new mining power supply infrastructure by Korean companies, including companies such as Samsung and LG. Moreover, Korea is one of few countries where cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturers have set up shops to meet the massive demand for mining equipment from domestic consumers.

Future of cryptocurrency trading in South Korea:

The future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading in South Korea is encouraging. As a result, many investors are free to invest in digital assets without hassle.  The potential of cryptocurrency trading in South Korea will continue to grow even more in the future. Thus the demand for more Bitcoin exchange platforms and crypto brokers will also increase.

Is South Korea The New Crypto Mecca?

According to reports, there are around 20 exchanges run by local companies and by Chinese and Japanese investors operating in South Korea. Moreover, new cryptocurrency exchanges are being developed by local and foreign companies.

South Korea is fast becoming the leading country for cryptocurrency trading. As a result, Crypto trading in South Korea has become a booming business and will continue to grow in the future. With this clear and positive stance of the government towards cryptocurrencies, there is no doubt that South Korea will be the new crypto Mecca.

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