Best Places To Visit In Coorg 

Tadiandamol Trek

Tadiandamol Trek, We should always remember that India is the best place, whether in food or visiting places. Take the southern part of India as an example. It has a variety of sites and even Ghats. Karnataka is the state that has all in it. It has one of the most beautiful places, mountains, and villages. “Coorg”, commonly known as the Kodagu region of Karnataka, is heavenly, beautiful, and picturesque. 

About the Coorg Region

Coorg is located in the southern part of Karnataka and is not very far away from Bangalore or Mysore. Coorg has many popular sites to visit. It is also near the Brahmagiri range, which is in Kerala.

Here Are Some Famous And Attractive Destination Coorg:- 

1. Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls, or the Abbi Falls, is located 1km from Madikeri town. Abbi Falls is between the coffee plantations and spice estates which increases its beauty and gives a calming effect. In the Coorg region, this is one of the famous picnic spots known as Jesse Falls in the olden days. The Abbey Falls has the beauty of wild nature in it. During the monsoon days, water flow is very low, but in the dry season, it’s low, and there are many rocks in the stream. That’s why people visit this in the winter or early winter season. A hanging bridge also gives an amazing sight of a waterfall. The water flow is so high sometimes that visitors can hear it from the nearby road. Tourists often should take precautions so that there is no harm or accidents. 

2. Chiklihole Reservoir

Chiklohole Reservoir is located between the towns of Madikeri and Kushalnagar. Both towns are close to Coorg District, which also helps visitors to other places. The water flow near the Dam makes it more calming and beautiful. And also the atmosphere is very good because of the Dam and open ground area. The reservoir is near the Dubare Forest, and many people visit that also. In this forest, there are different kinds of species of both Flora and Fauna. But there are no shops nearby, so the visitors have to take their things. The best time to visit this place is between June and March, the winter or monsoon season. Many photographers also try their best to capture the beauty of nature.  

3. Dubare Elephant camp    

On the bank of the river Kaveri “ Dubare Elephant Camp ” is situated in the Coorg district. This camp is undertaken or is in the maintenance of the forest department, resort, and jungle lodges. It is not just a place where tourists are attracted by the elephants but also the beauty of the surrounding area and the lush greenery environment, making the memories more beautiful. Elephants are trained so humans don’t have to feel afraid of them and can enjoy their time with them. Some visitors also stay in the jungle lodges and resorts near the camp. Last, there are 45 min rides on elephants in the forest. Tourists should always keep the timings in their mind before going.

4. Harangi Dam 

Harangi Dam is the most interesting tourist spot. It is situated near the Hudgur village near Kushalnagar. Hargis Dam is built on one of the tributaries of the Cauvery river and is also the first Dam on the Cauvery river. The Dam’s height is 47 metres, and the length is 846 metres. Because of these dimensions, the view streaming is heavenly and beautiful. It’s a popular picnic spot among tourists or families with kids. As the place is less crowded, it provides a good amount of privacy and seclusion secession.

The place offers a calm and cool gentle breeze, making the view more enjoyable. Tourists mostly visit from August to September as the temperature is moderate and the water is more in the reservoir this season. Nearby there are many resorts and guest houses if someone wants to stay at night.   

5. Honnamana Kere

Honnamana Kere lake is the most popular and beautiful tourist spot in Coorg District. This lake attracts hundreds of tourists and is the largest lake in the district. But this place also includes many adventurous, fun, and outdoor activities like boating and fishing. The lake gives beautiful and very sightseeing views; many just come and have a relaxing, quality, beautiful time with their loved ones. Tourists also visit Somwarpet town, which has beautiful views, Mallalli Falls, and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Tadiandamol Trek

Also, tadiandamol trek is a very amazing experience in Coorg.


Karnataka is already a wonderful place, but every district or town makes this place more beautiful. As listed above, Coorg has more hidden gems inside this district and many more beautiful sights to see. This place also has many different treks in different parts of the district.

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