The Best Deck in Clash Royale

There are a few basic types of best deck in clash royale. These include the Graveyard/Knight combo, Elite barbarians, and Baby Dragon. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages, and the best deck for you will depend on what your goal is. Read on to find out more.

Graveyard/Knight combo

The Graveyard/Knight combo is a very versatile deck that does well against towers. It has similar time and radius to poison and is useful to chip giants. This deck can be complemented with skeletons and goblins, which are great support units for the knight.

This deck is a low-skill alternative to other combos in the game. It is able to get nearly free trophies and is becoming increasingly popular in the low-to-mid ladder. However, it lacks the Graveyard counters that other decks have.

The Graveyard/Knight combo can also be used to play defensively. This deck can be defended with inferno towers, and it is also capable of executing counter-pushes with mega knights.

Baby Dragon

In Clash Royale, the Baby Dragon is a versatile mini-tank. It can take out swarms of enemy troops and soak up hits, making it the perfect support for larger tanks. It also has a number of useful abilities, such as using the Princess tower to counterattack and using a Tornado to damage enemy towers simultaneously.

This versatile unit is an excellent choice for any Clash Royale deck. It has the ability to fly and is cheap, which makes it a very flexible choice. The best version of this deck focuses on maximizing the number of dragon models and funneling enemies to the damage choke point. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a fast source of damage, the Royal Ghost deck is an excellent choice. It pairs well with splash damage units and a flying electro dragon that provides a quick source of damage.


The X-Bow is a powerful deck with a very good defensive potential. It can counter heavy pushes as well as bridge spam. It can lock onto an opponent’s tower and counter any troops. Also it has good support in the form of ice spirit, which can stun charging units. Also it has a number of useful spells that can be played as support for the offensive x-bow.

The X-Bow is a versatile deck that is good at attacking the enemy. It can also be used to bait the enemy’s deck. Aside from that, it can also damage troops and towers.

Elite barbarians

If you’re looking for the most powerful deck in the game, the Elite Barbarians may be it. They’re a fast unit that can build up to make a big push. To make them more effective, you can use companions like Hog Rider, Fire Spirits, Lumberjack, and The Log. Elite Barbarians can also be placed in front of a Hog to soak damage.

This deck can reach the top 200 of the game in a matter of days. Its most powerful cards include Elite Barbarians and balloons. It also makes use of spells such as Rage at the Bridge, which can protect your troops from Barbarian attacks.


Golem is one of the luxury cards in clash royale, but it can still be used effectively with a good strategy. Its main goal is to lose the least amount of health possible on towers while defending against enemies. However, this deck lacks heavy spells for damage. The good news is that it has a high defense.

A Golem deck is a good choice for any player who wants to build a defensive deck. Its low movement speed and large hit points make it ideal for building and harassing opponents. Its only drawback is its low health, so players should be wary of playing it alone. A Golem deck can be quite fun and rewarding if the right build is chosen.

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