The History of the New York Mets

With its home in Queens, New York, and symbol colors as blue and orange, the baseball Mets team is an aspiration of several fans. They replaced the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers and depicted the National League in Major League Baseball (East division). Creating the best for all, the team has evolved through the decades! It was an expansion team that played its home game on Polo ground before coming to Queens. Before winning the match with Baltimore Orioles in 1969, it was considered a failure, despite 100’s wins in its game. 

The base for making

As a proposal from William Shea, the New York Mets came in after the main National leagues of 1957 changed their home cities. It took its name as a short from the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club. It changed its playground and played in Shea ground for a long time. In 1975 it grabbed the 5th position and shocked people by beating the best. It managed to walk past the best of all Oakland team. Soon in 1977, it went from a favorable position to the last for several years. It was a big shock to absorb in New York and is famous under the term “Midnight massacre.” 

The rise and fall

In 1960, the Mets franchise went into the hands of Doubleday, a publishing company with Nelson Doubleday, Jr. as the chairman. Fred Wilpon, a minor shareholder, became the president. The Mets were rebuilt from scratch by Frank Cashen, who played a significant role in making the Orioles. It was a major turnaround for the Mets. After bagging their 5th or 6th position in their first three campaigns, they rose to the second position in 1976. Holding high heads in the ’80s, it again slipped to a declining slope in the ’90s, losing six consecutive seasons from 1991 to 1996.

The 2000’s  

After getting an entry through the wild card, the Mets managed to get into the 2000 World series but lost to the New York Yankees. After struggling to win in the first five years of the 2000s, the Mets hired a new General manager, Omar Minaya, who turned history. Under his supervision, the Mets played multiple seasons and won over 97 games. It now became a dream team for every fan. Soon in 2009, the Mets shifted to its current home ground, Citi Field. After a rough start, the Mets soon were the voice and made the best batting average of the season.

With a minor selling of the shares due to lawsuits and other struggles, the Mets returned in the 2016 postseason, making a record. With changing GMs at the end of the decade and more, the Mets now stand consistent and resistant!

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